Auto-size or Re-size options for Item Card View

We are using forms to capture clients’ incoming creative briefs. The long-term text option on the forms is great for capturing this data. However it is tough to parse the data in the Table view so we use the Item Card view. This is a great work around, but if you could Auto-size/customize the size of the different fields in that view it would be even more helpful! Attached is a screenshot to accompany the below points of what we feel would be a great feature add:

  • Some data fields take up too much space (See Date and Numbers fields). Sizing down or auto sizing would allow to move them to same line

  • Project Description/Text Required fields are Long Answer questions on our forms. Having them displayed in a larger or automatically sized text box would be helpful in reviewing all information on a project without clicking and further scrolling. Ultimately if those long texts could be viewed similar to an Update box that would be spectacular!

This would help users be able to maximize the space of that view and see more data at once. Thanks so much!