Item card & updates in one popup

I’d love it if you could click on a button or the item description and get a large central popup of the item card view and updates view of the line in one view. One view to rule them all!!!

The new item card view is great, but it is 2 clicks away unless you make it the default view, which in turn means pressing the conversation icon takes you to the item card, not the updates view. (This could be improved if the description and updates button were separate.)

Besides being 2 clicks away the right hand docked view is not big enough to be a comfortable place to review and edit lots of data.

I’ve seen you can link to another table and get a single column popup card of the linked data, but you can’t get to a comfortable single item view of a line of data on the table you’re looking at!

(Also, it’d be nice if button automations could include a show view option)

I agree, I’d also like this functionality. My team uses the “updates” conversation view to give more details and context to things about the item that don’t fit neatly into the board columns, and that context is important when organizing the data in the board to make decisions about the project. If I’m trying to figure out who I should assign to the project based on their skills, I want to see the project’s board information, the links to the info of the people I’m considering, and the important context in the updates view all at once.