Advisor for Media Tracking project at National Broadcaster

Hello all you good people. We are a national broadcaster trying to do what has never before been done in our organisation. We will make a system that enables tracking of media all the way through the post production cycle, and give leaders the ability to follow along and get reports of the status of and progress of the various tasks that we track using

We are on our way, and we are currently building what will end up as templates for the various phases of post production. We feel that we need some fresh eyes to guide us, so that we do not build ourself into a corner. We need best practises, ideas and advice on structure, and advice on implementation.

Post production at our facility spans from Social Media work … all the way up to full blown drama production.

Would anyone here feel up to the challenge ? We are located in Europe, so you will need to be available during CET+1 workhours.

Kind regards Nils

Hello @nmalexandersen!

Really nice question and your project seems really exiting.
We at Omnitas Consulting are Swedish based Digital Management Consultants working primarily with We are helping big and small organisations with their implementation and optimization of

We have worked with monday over the past 3 years and have built a strong network of API developers and monday apps developers to back us up if needed.

We do already work with your Swedish counterparts and would love to expand the cooperation to the NRK. Please send a email to for us to book an initial session to talk about the project and the cooperation you might need.