Ai Hackathon winners!

TL;DR: It’s been a week since we announced the AI App Hackathon winners and we are still getting goosebumps thinking about all that this outstanding event generated! :boom: :bomb:

You like to see things in numbers , aren’t you? :sunglasses:

Here are some numbers on the event

  • 1633 people registered and worked in 225 teams operating in London, Tel-Aviv and Online.
  • Prize worth was $63K divided by 6 winning apps
  • 2 minutes: That’s how long it will take you to read all about the winning AI apps and be pumped up like we are writing that.

Here we go. :facepunch:t2:

  • Grand prize: AI Smart Form by Adapavist (Online) :trophy:
    Smart From leverages the forms feature to a whole new level of capabilities using AI. The app allows users to create automatic tags, smart insitis and even answer to responders, all of which, automatically. Can you imagine? (you do not need to - here is the demo)
  • 2nd place: Board Assistant by Israel-CA (Tel-Aviv) :medal_sports:

Board Assistant incorporated the power of AI into the allowing users to get smart, clear, and concise information by reviewing boards and presenting valuable insights. Here is a demo for you.

  • Best In Tel-Aviv: Doc Builder AI by Alayof Digital :1st_place_medal:

The Doc Builder app is a dream come true - a chat that builds Docs for you. Whatttttt?? As the chat interacts with you, it tries to grasp your ideas and organizes content into a Doc. Take a look.

  • Best in London: SentimentSencese By Appfire :reminder_ribbon:

Well those people developed an app which analyzes your customers happiness level by using AI and presents it on your boards, doc and dashboards. Yes you’re right, you need to read it again, it is just too exciting. See it yourself so you will believe it.

  • Best app Virtual: AI Actions by Actions :trophy:

AI Actions it’s a cool assistance that makes your life easier by summarizing the bottom lines text columns or giving you a sense of your users’ sentiments. It’s an app that you will want in your pocket. Take a look.

  • Bonus prize: ChatDoc by Tuesday (Tel-Aviv) :medal_sports:

The chatbot communicates with Monday documentation and support calls and provides tailored information quickly and intelligently. It saves you time and accurately conveys information about the platform. See it yourself.


Nice! What an amazing apps! I highly impressed!


Nice! :slight_smile: Amazing work everyone!

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