Have an idea for an AI feature? Share it with us!

Is there an app you dream of having? Do you have an idea for an AI app?

We just launched monday AI features and are also giving developers the ability to leverage our AI technology to create apps in our marketplace.

Read more about it here and share it below for developers to see and get inspired!

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It would be useful to have a “memory” of documents about our company like mission, project brainstorming docs, press releases, budgets per project, and then an AI which goes through it all as well as online research to compose optimized email replies, social posting strategies with content suggestions, New web blog articles…

So we don’t have to go to chatgpt for this or those newly rising cloud services which don’t have memory limits like chatgpt does.

Hm, is that something Monday can have as inside function? :nerd_face:

:thought_balloon: I dream of a Monday that automatically records my time spent per customer according to the tasks assigned on the board :grinning:

We use forms to create Task for our VA. It would be really cool if there was an AI bot that could fill in the form and assign to the correct board. We currently have a few boards and each board has a separate form plus the forms don’t for adding #tags and linking to boards.

@Julietteb We would love to have an AI assistant on our forms that could help users fill in the form, answer questions (related to the process or form) on the spot, better phrase the information entered and provide direct access to all the knowledge, support documentation we already created - in the form of a live dialogue. And to take it to the next level, we might just drop forms completely and let the AIssistant create entries in our Monday board based on a conversation (to level this even further up, using voice recognition) with the users/clients/requestors :wink:
This could replace the current support channels, sessions, wiki documentation and help us use the time of our support people in a more creative and productive way.