New features wrap-up (May)

It’s time to recap the features were released in May and also share some big things we are working on this month. Stay tuned until the end - this is a recap you don’t want to miss :tada:

We will also reference those features that have come out of development so that you’re aware of which features should now be active in your account. We’d love to hear more from our community members about these new feature releases, so be sure to utilize the comment section below.

As a quick reminder, release status definitions below :arrow_down:

Released - This feature is released and you should see it in your account.

Gradual Release - This feature is being released gradually, you can expect to see the feature in your account in the coming weeks

In development - Our team is working on finalizing this feature. We do not have an exact release date, but you can expect to see it soon!

Before we dive deep into our feature releases, we are excited to share a pretty exciting platform update: :mega: monday dev is out of beta :mega:

Calling all product and dev teams, monday dev is a new product offering that centralizes software development tracking in one place so developers, engineers and administrators can collaborate more easily!

Top capabilities include:

:boom: Sprint management and tracking progress in one place

:boom: Next level kanban view - we are constantly improving the kanban with new capabilities

:boom: Product Lifecycle Management (including roadmap, sprints, backlog, bugs tracking, and retrospective elements)

:boom: Customizable real-time reports, including burndown or burnup charts

:boom: Seamless integrations: (including GitHub, GitLab, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zendesk, and Gmail)

:boom: and lots more!

Read more here :arrow_right: launches a developer team workflow management tool - SiliconANGLE

We also launched our What’s new page! This is our one-stop shop for all feature updates, announcements, and new releases. We are still making some improvements, but do be sure to check it out and get familiar with what’s happening in the world of :star2:

Now, lets dive deep into our some feature updates!

:sparkles: Fully released features :sparkles:

Team content list: You will now be able to view the type of content assigned to each team - including docs, boards, and dashboards! This release will provide team members with better clarity in terms of which teams are responsible for which projects, while also ensuring team members are accessing the right content :busts_in_silhouette:

Color by support workload widget: We can finally announce the full release of the ‘color by’ option in the workload widget! Say hello to improved visibility of resource allocation and workload management by defining the coloring logic based on a selected field in your board - including status, dropdown, or group :art:

Notifications search: Now in full release, enjoy the convenience of locating specific notifications by searching keywords in your bell notifications - simply type in the board name, item name, client, or even the action, and watch the magic happen :crystal_ball:

Jira integration(conditions and filters): We’ve introduced 3 conditions to our Jira integration: Column/field, Logic/condition, and Value. With these new additions, you can now better customize those items and issues that are synced to your board :bulb:

Automations quick reporter: We’ve made automation error reporting easier! You can now reach our support team with a click of a button via the automations activity log when issues arise. All relevant technical details will automatically pull into the email for our support team to begin investigation :gear:

App ratings and reviews: With a new rating system in place, users will now be able to see which apps are most recommended within the marketplace! Not only will this better guide users app choices but also provide external developers with the feedback they need to improve the functionality :iphone:

:sparkles: Features currently in gradual release :sparkles:

Account action limit email: We are giving account admins greater notice of when they’re about to reach their automation account limit. When the account is at 50%, 70%, and 100% of its automation (or integrations) action limit, the account admin will receive an email informing them so they’re well aware of the action limit status and can make the necessary adjustments if needed :no_entry_sign:

Mass emails monday sales CRM: This crowd favorite has now been fully released to our monday Sales CRM users after being in gradual release for a period of time. You can now reach contacts at scale through personalized email messages and track the success of the campaign all within the Emails and Activities App :envelope_with_arrow:

mass email visual (1)

:sparkles: What’s in Development? :sparkles:

We are getting ready to release monday AI assistant!

In case you weren’t aware, our monday AI assistant is bringing the power of Artificial Intelligence to your workspaces and providing third-party developers with the opportunity to build AI apps through the monday marketplace. Information to join our hackathon below.

After an awesome community event where we learned all about the power of monday AI we are continuing the fun and having an AMA (ask me anything) with the Reddit team :keyboard: You can submit your questions anytime from now until June 7th and tune in :zap:LIVE​:zap: for the answers.

Check it out here :arrow_right: Introducing monday AI assistant

For more information about the power of AI click here :arrow_right: Improving your productivity with another AMA!

Finally… from June 20-22 we will be hosting an in-person external hackathon for developers across London, New York, and Tel Aviv. This hackathon will present an opportunity for developers to be one of the first app developers to incorporate Artificial Intelligence into monday workspaces. Are you keen to get involved? Apply now, here: The AI app hackathon.

That is all for our May monthly wrap-up!

Be sure to check out the May video wrap-up here :arrow_backward:

Questions or feedback? Leave your thoughts below, we want to hear from you!

See you in June :wave:

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