New features wrap-up (July)!

July is done and dusted, so let’s reflect on some of the new features we brought to you (and are bringing to you) :rocket: :rocket:

Check out the release status definitions below incase you need a refresher:

  • In development - Our team is working on finalizing this feature. We do not have an exact release date, but you can expect to see it soon! That said, development status is subject to change; however, we will keep you updated throughout the month in our community.
  • Gradual Release - This feature is being released gradually; you can expect to see the feature in your account in the coming weeks
  • Released - This feature has been released, and you should see it in your account.

To start us off (and in case you missed it!), we are beyond excited to announce the initial release of our :sparkles: brand new infrastructure :sparkles: for the Work OS platform, which has been rolled out to over 186,000 customers :earth_asia:

This new and improved infrastructure offers enhanced performance by supporting boards/dashboards at scale while still maintaining its quality stability and security. Join the live session, where our experts will deep dive into the why and how → here

Now, it’s time to check out our :star2: fully released features :star2: for the month:

:mag_right: Workforms ‘People column’ question: You can now use the People column in Workforms! What does this mean? This means that form submitters are able to specify themselves as a member of the account upon their submission. Talk about streamlining your workflow while improving accountability…:white_check_mark:

:mag_right: Connect a subitem to an item in another board using automation: We are excited to announce the ability to connect subitems to items through automations, specifically via the create item and connect block. This feature has been highly requested for some time now, so we look forward to receiving your feedback!

:mag_right: Last lead activity date at a glance (monday sales CRM): We have introduced a new integration block that automatically updates a date entity column every time an activity or email is captured within Emails and Activities. This release was in response to growing feedback regarding the difficulty in understanding when the last lead interaction was - happy tracking! :star:

:mag_right: Reactions: It was only fitting to release our emoji reactions on world emoji day this month! Our reactions feature which is available via the updates section and in replies, allows you to better communicate with your team, creatively celebrate accomplishments, and more efficiently express an opinion or emotion :rocket: :tada:

Let’s explore our features in🌟 gradual release:star2: As such, some users may see these features while others may not just yet, so keep your eye out :eyes:

:bulb: New monday layout: As mentioned last month, we are still in the process of releasing our new layout - keep on lookout for it in your account :eye:

:bulb: Account has reached action limit email: We want admins to be aware of where their action usage sits, before it’s too late - a preventative approach! As such, we are gradually releasing a feature that will inform admins via email when they have reach 50%, 70% and 100% of their automation (or integrations) action limit :gear:

:bulb: HTML mass email editor (monday sales CRM): We understand users want greater creative control over their emails … as such we will be providing this through a dedicated HTML editor :zap:

With this new development, users will be able to:

:white_check_mark: Embed HTML code within a dedicated email editor

:white_check_mark: Immediately preview changes made

:white_check_mark: Copy emails to the composer


This is a feature that has been highly requested across our communities, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re a sales CRM product users :eyes:

:bulb: Global CRM settings: Very soon, we will be releasing a dedicated CRM settings section for Emails + activities. This will combat the confusion surrounding why account-level settings are nested on an item level :woman_shrugging:

:bulb: CRM item page revamp: We are working on improving the CRM item page! This revamp will offer benefits such as a new navigation system and the ability to remove widget headers - stay tuned for updates!

Cast your eyes to features currently :star2: in development :star2:

Feature from last month that remain in development

:boom: Board discussions: The very exciting Board Discussions feature is still in development mode, so get yourselves excited for release updates in the coming future :speech_balloon:

:boom: Date column revamp: Our new and improved Date column is still in beta mode for those that signed up for the trial! The full release isn’t too far off - we will keep you in the loop :repeat:

Specific to :bar_chart: monday sales CRM :bar_chart::

:boom: Capture new leads from emails: We recognise that capturing leads automatically isn’t always the easiest task - so we’ve decided to change the way things work! Within the Emails and Activities app, you will soon be able to create leads directly from incoming emails. You will be able to set this per email connection, and in order to avoid duplicates, existing items with an incoming email, will not be logged! More details coming soon :eyes:

Finally, as we close out July’s wrap-up, we wanted to draw attention to our new :sparkles: Office Hour sessions :sparkles: that we kicked off last week! This is your time to ask any of those burning platform questions to our monday experts.


It’s also an opportunity for our community to engage in discussion together, while sharing ideas, workarounds, and advice. We will leave the link below to register for our next session which will take place on the 9th of August (6 pm EST) and the 10th of August (8 am AEST).

Register hereCommunity Office Hours

Annnd, that’s everything for July! Be sure to check out the video summary here and let us know which feature are you most excited about?

Catch you in August :wave: :wave: :wave: