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Our monthly newsletter is back! Bringing you information about new features, upcoming events, and, community opportunities, and more! If you have any questions about what is mentioned in this newsletter, comment below. First up, let’s get started and dive deep with a look back at the top features released this past month.

Newly released features

These are the features released this month that can have a big impact on your workflows. For a full breakdown of released features, check out the What’s New Page.

*Reply directly in email: This is perfect for all our workers on the go, mobile users and really anyone who uses email notifications! You can now reply to and like posts directly from the email notification without having to log into the platform itself.

Dynamic text in workdocs: Are you ready for a new and powerful way to work with data from the boards directly in monday docs? By dynamically pulling column values from the item to the connected doc (in the doc column), you can keep your documents in perfect sync with changes in connected items, and present real-time information from your boards. You can also use the column value tags in the doc column template, which will allow easily creating templated docs with the relevant information pulled from each item in one click. For example, you can easily create an invoice with the relevant invoice number, date, and more from your board!

WorkCanvas synced templates: This is perfect for all our visual planners! You now have access to WorkCanvas premade synced templates that will automatically create a board on your monday.com account with a logical connection to your canvas. [See how it works.]

Click to email (Sales CRM): For all our sales CRM users, of all tiers, did you know you can now track email clicks to determine client/ audience and engagement? This feature is great for marketing teams and business development reaps that want to track the success of email campaigns and track potential leads. Check it out!

Sub-item creation automation trigger: This one has been an exciting update for many of us and a community favorite! In case you missed it can now trigger an automation based on sub-item creation. Have you tried this out yet?

Submission viewer app For all our data collectors, this news app by monday.com provides a better view of form submissions when viewed one at a time. It supports all question types, allows copying the answer text, and allows better export to PDF & image (PNG). Check it out→

Additional new features resources

Event updates

Mark your calendars for our upcoming community sessions and check out our community calendar to get the latest information on upcoming events.

NEW CRM bi-weekly community sessions: We are excited to be finally launching our community sales CRM sessions! Each session spotlights a different aspect—a feature, use case, or industry-specific insight—of monday Sales CRM, directly influenced by your questions and the valuable feedback you provide.

Unleash the power of AI in automations (April 9): Learn all about the latest AI automation enhancements that will change the way you use your automation.

April New Features webinar (April 24): Learn all about this month’s latest new features with live demos and a Q&A!

Earth Day in monday mansion **(**April 18) Celebrate Earth Day in the interactive monday mansion! Pick your favorite Llaama avatar and join us for community networking, interactive booths, virtual tree planting, and an exciting VIP keynote by Adrian Grenier

The evolution of monday WorkForms (April 25): Uncover the history of monday WorkForms and dive deep into existing features and upcoming releases.

Did you miss a community session? Check out passed community session recordings here .

Community Resources

Events calendar: Check out upcoming online and in-person events on our community calendar!

Lead a community session: Let’s connect and learn from each other! If you have knowledge about an industry use case/ monday feature you want to share with others in an online community session, fill out our form.

Submit a feature request: Get involved in our development process. Share and vote on features you would like to see implemented in the platform so we can build a roadmap together that best reflects your needs.

Regional language-based groups: Connect with other monday.com pros in French, Spanish, Greek, German, Japanese, and Hebrew.

Join our Facebook group: Connect and share insights with other monday.com enthusiast.

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Hey @Julietteb - we have noted a number of issues with the new WorkForm viewer. It consistently shows incorrect answers (mainly on status columns) and hides responses on export.

There is no feedback mechanism as there normally is with new functionality - what is the best way to bring this forward outside of the usual support channels? Want to ensure this is being reviewed.


Is there a date for the first community session? And how do I sign up?

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Hi Rachel! All information in this post.. Our first session was last week but you can see the recording and ask questions here. Our next session is focusong on Sales CRM with Real Estate use cases.

Do you have any suggestions for sales CRM features or use cases you are interested in learning about?

Thanks for your feedback. I will pass along to our WorkForms team! I believe the feature is still being tested but will check back in with @RachelS1 and @Galit-monday.com for more information.

Hi @mark.anley, thanks for bringing this to our attention and sorry to hear it’s behaving this way! The Product Manager of WorkForms (and rest of our team) would like to investigate right away. In order to do so, can you please reach out to support@monday.com and it will then be escalated to our team. Feel free to mention that you posted in the Community and were advised to reach out to Support to escalate this bug.

I don’t have anything super specific as of right now, but I just watched the last one and would be interested to go deeper into the match automations and their uses. I found the first session to be super informative and learned a few things that I am going to implement in my board so more general knowledge like that and the specific things we get in the Sales CRM that others do not would be great as I do not know all of the special things we get.