Sales CRM biweekly session #1 recording

For those that attended our first biweekly sales CRM session with @sashawe, we hope you enjoyed! This session was the first of many, where we will dive deep into different features and use case that will level up the way you use monday sales CRM. Sign up and learn more about future sessions here.

In this session, Sasha mentions some of the most impactful features of monday sales CRM.
Any questions for Sasha? Ask below!

:bulb: Have a topic in mins for a future session?
These sessions are all about YOUR interests and needs. Want to dive deep into a particular feature? Curious how CRM can be optimized for your industry? Drop us a comment right here with your suggestions, and your request could lead our next session!

I appreciate the effort, but I was really hoping for more of a deep dive.

Everything that was mentioned is pretty much already covered in the existing CRM videos.

Would love to see much more advanced setups that go deeper into use cases and solutions.

Possible topics: E-Mails and customer communication, how to organize the sales team, how to prioritize certain deals, how to make sure only relevant deals are displayed. (e.g. if a response is outstanding from the customer the deal should be sorted lower)

Also a deep dive on the emails and activities automations, and I am not just talking about the easy ones.
There are plenty E&A automations that have no documentation at all, and it’s a lot of trial and error to understand what exactly they are supposed to do. How to properly use the notifications for example, as I believe currently notifying assignees is only possible if the person is assigned in the contacts board directly.

Also a deep dive on the Emails and Activities timeline and when exactly an activity is tracked on an item:
For example activity tracking will be different depending on how closely the item is related to the contact (if an item is connected to an account, and the account is connected to a contact, how and if the Email appears in the timeline will be different from when the item is directly related to the contact.)

How exactly the sent from this item filter works would also be of interest. And why some accounts have the item related activities filter and others have the sent from this item filter and what the difference is.

Monday is a quickly developing platform and I wish more time was spent on keeping functionality and intended behavior in the documentation up to date.

Other topics that could be interesting would be recurring revenue and churn.
The enterprise template boards for this are really quite basic and fail to handle renewals for example. I did expect a more advanced setup here if I am being honest.

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Hi Shayan! Thanks for this great feedback! As it was our first ( of many sessions) the goal was to give a general overview and get feedback from our community for future sessions!

@sashawe @danaaviv some great feedback for future sessions!