Monday sales CRM newest features (Webinar)

For the first time ever, we are having a dedicated webinar all about the latest Sales CRM features!

On May 1st, join our community webinar for a roundup of all the latest sales CRM releases from the Q1 of 2024! The amazing @danaaviv will share the newest features of Sales CRM that have been released the past few months and how it can level up your workflow!

The agenda:
30-40 mins - Demonstration of new releases
20-30 mins - Q&A

Any questions for the monday sales CRM team? Ask below!

Hey there,

Will this be recorded and shared later?

Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend, but still interested in the features.

Would love to hear how we could best make the move from Work Management to Sales CRM. Right now we have a basic CRM system set up in Work Management but we want to use the features of Sales CRM.

Hope to be able to attend tomorrow!

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Hey is the recording going to be uploaded?

Hey everyone! Yes waiting for the recording and will share it!

@Julietteb Thank you. Let us know when it is available.

for anyone wondering, it was uploaded on Mondays YouTube channel 2 days ago:

@danaaviv I do have a question in regards to something you said in the video:

You mentioned Email sequences and the new quoted and invoices will be coming „next year“.
Was that a mistake or have those features actually been delayed, since they used to be scheduled for this year.