Bi-weekly CRM sessions with the team

Hi everyone, Dana here from the CRM team!
We are excited to announce that we’ll be conducting in-depth sessions on our monday sales CRM and how it can best serve your needs.

We value your input and would love to hear which topics interest you the most.

Please take a moment to vote on the topics you’d like us to cover first, and comment below with any additional suggestions you may have.

Whether you’re currently using monday sales CRM or not, we’re here to help you learn more, and make the most out of it.

Thank you for your participation!

  • Building your first workflow of CRM
  • How to maximize CRM in my industry (comment your industry below)
  • I dont use monday sales CRM today, and i’d like to learn what it is
  • Specific CRM features usage
  • Other (comment below)
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Automating Future activity
Ability to report on activity that hasn’t happened
Exception reports

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URL data enrichment on user-built boards within CRM environment

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What is really important for us would be E-Mail & Activities tracking, and how to distinguish Mail threads between items / how link different email communication depending on item / associating an E-Mail Thread with an item.

Also how to handle incoming new Mails that are not in response to a created Mail thread, is there any way to re assign them to the correct item?

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Thanks for all this feedback! Passing it along to @sashawe and @danaaviv for future sessions.

Our first session is today and will focus on the most impactful features! Join today and share your feedback!

Our community session tomorrow is all about email and activities are you joining?
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Hey @Julietteb,

Yes I am joining tomorrow.

Just some questions ahead of time to perhaps to consider for the session or the E&A team:

  1. Why did Monday change it so that the “sent from this item” filter now removes all activities from the timeline?
    About a month ago it was possible to use the sent from this item filter to track everything that was going on pertaining to a particular item (Deal).
    Now for some reason the sent from this items filter only shows Emails and no other activities.
    This casues a heavy reliance on the “tagging” feature to make sure that you can see all emails and activities related to a particular item

  2. I believe the “tagging” feature is bugged at the moment (i.e. the tag showing Emails from related items) (see picture attached

As when sending out an Email from an Opportunity / Deal item - when that item is related to an existing contact item, the Email will be tagged as having been sent from the contact sometimes. (As I believe there is a race condition at play here - this does not happen all of the time)

There is also an issue when moving items from the Leads Board to the Contacts Board.
The tagging feature will still “think” that the item was on the Leads board and tag the item as a “Lead” even though it was already moved to Contacts when an email is sent out or received.

All of the points above are reproduceable and I have already passed them to the Support team.

@sashawe check out this question above for the session today.