Real Estate & monday sales CRM (session recording)

Community session #2: Real Estate and Sales CRM.

Join @danaaviv as she goes through different use cases and features that can improve how you manage your Real Estate business using monday Sales CRM.
Any questions or want to learn more about how to level up your CRM. Any questions about this session? Ask Dana below!

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Thanks for the webinar, this went into a lot more detail thankfully.

Couple of questions:

  1. When showing the detailed item view your connected Board tab looks more advanced than mine, is this being rolled out still? You were able to see related items for example.

  2. You seem to have been able to have multiple CRM Boards (for example multiple Tasks Boards or multiple Deals boards) how is this possible , or is it still coming?

  3. You were sending a file via the Email Automation (the invoice) is this possible when sending to an external user? I thought attachments in Email automations aren’t supported. Or is this coming?

  4. You mentioned the Outlook calendar showing all the meetings in the activities timeline. This isn’t released yet is it?

Other than that:
Quotes and Invoices app is looking really promising, hope it covers the features of being able drag in related item as invoice line items. Also hope Invoice Numbering will come natively, as it is otherwise difficult to implement without an auto id column

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Hi there, thank you for asking great questions!!

  1. All you need to do is customize it! click on the 3 dots in the item card–> edit

    then, add widgets:

FYI… next month the CRM product will also have other widgets like chart, numbers, battery, and more!! stay tuned!

  1. yes, we will enable it soon, but until we do, Here’s a small trick - save the entity board as a template, then downlaod it from the template store
    BTW - you can * download the solution from here

  2. it is supported, but the file will be sent out as a link, not a file.

  3. indeed, still not released, in a bout 2 weeks will be released to all. give me your account URL I’ll grant it to you earlier

  4. thank you!! if you wish to be our design partner for that feature, let me know! I’ll send your details to the product team

Hey Dana,

Thanks for the response.

  1. I do know I can add the connected Boards widget, but the connected Boards widget I have doesn’t look as cool as the one in your video / Solution and also does not display connected items of the connected item: (see pic 1)

When using your template, I can see the “new” connected Boards widget ,although it still does not display the related tasks or properties (will simply show empty):

I assume because this release is probably also being rolled out along with the new widgets - just wanted to let you know.

  1. Thanks a lot for the trick.

  2. Ah I see, but can the link be accessed by people who do not have a Monday account? So if the invoice is sent out to our customers, will they be able to download it without having to log into a guest account?

  3. Great I’ll dm you the URL

  4. I would love to give input for the new quotes and invoices feature, I have already spent a lot of time creating a workaround using doc gen apps in the marketplace.

  1. indeed its the new widget. make sure to click on the edit item card, then go to the widgets settings and connecte the relevant board (from the connected boards column)

  2. it should, yes

  3. great I’ll send your email to our product team!

Great. I still don’t have access to the new widget unfortunately , but I hope it gets rolled out to our account soon enough.

Another thing I noticed which you may know more about: Some deep dives have been removed from the Monday Academy. Is that intentional?

Thank you for this release. It’s really helpful to visualize the different ways that things can be set up.

Can I please get an estimate of when the new email journey function will be available? I know you said this quarter, but we’re actively building out our CRM and it would be incredibly helpful to know the drop date so we can get this on our build calendar.

I appreciate your help!

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Hello Dana,

Any ETA for when the new connect Boards widget will be released for sales CRM?