Can't add emails & activities to some Monday Sales CRM boards?

Hi all, just testing out Monday Sales CRM on behalf of a client.
Is it just me or is it not possible to add the Emails & Activities Widget (or in fact any Widgets) to some Boards in Monday Sales CRM?

In Work Management I know that i can have (for example) a Board called Projects with a connect boards column connected to my Contacts Board and a Mirror column pointing to Contacts/email and if I set it up this way, I can add an emails & activities widget in the Projects Board and use it to see/reply to/send emails to the connected client.
But in Sales CRM in a new board I creeated I can’t even add a new widget to the Item view? Or am I going mad?
TIA Patrick

You are not going mad! You would need to have the CRM product in order to create this function. Did you install a template or are you making it from scratch?

If form scratch you are going to find yourself lacking certain functions. I recommend getting the CRM template and modifying it to your needs. We use the CRM product to manage projects as well, its a lot more flexible with more functions vs just strict Work OS.