Creating multiple Activities boards from the Email & Activities CRM widget

New to, and I’m encountering an issue with the Emails & Activities widget. I’d like to have it so that data from different boards tie to separate CRM Activities boards – is that possible?

Our set-up is that I used the non-profits CRM template to track fundraising on an organization level. I created a separate CRM in a different folder (based on the Sales template) to track our member activities on an individual level because the data is so different.

We’re using the Emails & Activities widget to track ad hoc activities and meetings. When I add an Activity from the Emails & Activities widget, it is added to both Activities boards – the one in the fundraising CRM and the one in our member CRM. I’d like to keep it so that it stays within its folder/CRM structure.

If anyone has a similar set-up and can help, I’d appreciate it!

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Hey @scw! I have tested this on my end, and can see exactly the issue you’re running into here. I’ve followed up with our product team on this to see whether there is a way to avoid this from happening! I will update you as soon as I hear back :+1:


Hey @scw! Thanks for your patience with me. I have heard back from our team who have confirmed that this is a known limitation that they are aware of and have received feedback about in the past. Whilst they cannot confirm an ETA for fix, they have assured me that this is on their radar for the near future :pray:

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I am experiencing this issue as well and it is a huge concern for our company as we are implementing multiple CRMs, each with different purposes and accesses but the activities are being created across all of them