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When I create an activity inside the item, using emails and activities app, like mail, call, meeting, future meeting, I want it to be automatically reflected in Activity board, that tracks all activities. How can I makу it happen ? How can I create this activity board and see everything that happened ? Thank you !

Hello @mdzemtsov !

I believe that unless you have the CRM Product, you would need to create a board on your own.

After you have done so, you would need to do the following :


Let me know if this helps of if you need any additional help!

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Hi! Thanks for answering!

  1. I tried the automation that you suggest, but its a bit counterintuitive for me how to use it. Please, explain a bit more. I am talking about this feature Welcome to's CRM solution training! - YouTube starting from 6.10 till 7.00. Please, check on that.
  2. When you say - CRM product. What exact product do you mean ? I found just emails and activities built into Monday.

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Hello @mdzemtsov .

The CRM Product comes on top of the usual Monday Work OS product and has some added features pertaining to CRM functions. You can learn more about that here.

Regarding the video, it is relatively old and some things have changed.

I am quite busy this week, but as soon as I have some time to spare I’'ll let you know with a video how to set up the activities board.

Thank you!
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Thank you so much !

Looking forward to receiving the video.



Giannis, hi! Just wanted to follow up on the video re activity board creation.

Thanks ! That will be very helpful!



Hello @mdzemtsov ,

Please see the following video.

Notes : The connection took a while but it will load. This will work on any board which has the Emails and Activities view installed ,meaning it will create an item on the chosen board.

Let me know if this helps!

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