Ability to Automate the Creation of Activities that Display in the Emails & Activities App

The Emails & Activities App is presented as a place to “keep track of all activities related to a deal” in Monday CRM, however, it falls short on actually delivering this.

For example, I am trying to use the Activities to keep track of lead calls and SMS messages. It only makes sense to have these conversations appear in the same location as the emails related to a lead or a deal right?

So I’ve integrated JustCall and can now send and receive SMS and makes calls and easily create items on a board with those SMS and call details, but who wants to have a long list of items in a board to scroll though to see what’s bee talked about?

But there’s no way to automate, or even manually create those details in the Emails & Activities App to show there and this is a major flaw. Since the automations can add Activities to the Activities board when they are created in the App view, wouldn’t it make sense to have this work in reverse as well?