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I am working with a client who would like to automate an email sequence in Monday CRM - however there doesn’t seem to be an option to automate a send via the E&A app. I can automate the send via regular Monday automation but then the activity isn’t picked up by the E&A app - so the client can’t see when the email is opened, replied, etc.

Am I missing something? I just assumed we’d be able to automate emails via E&A just like we do for google/outlook via custom automations but I can’t seem to figure it out. I’ve been through the recipes for E&A a bunch of times and I have to be missing the recipe…

Is it truly impossible to automate an email sequence in Monday CRM?

Hi Sara,

Just to confirm, the email you’re sending via the gmail/outlook integration is appearing in the Emails and Activities app however the activity associated and ability to track this information is not appearing for the specific email OR is the email not appearing at all in the E+A app? Thanks for your help :pray:

Hi @BiancaT

Not quite - the emails and activities app does not register emails sent via automation. So it doesn’t show up in E&A at all. And there is no option to automate an email via the E&A app - at least not that I can find. It’s possible I am missing it…

My client is hoping to automate an email sequence AND track the activity from the sequence via E&A. Ideally we would want to automate via E&A

Thanks so much for replying!

Thanks for clarifying Sara :pray:

I believe emails sent via the integration should still log in the E+A app. I’ve checked in with the dedicated product team, and will get back to you as soon as possible on this one.

Thanks for your patience with me Sara!

Can I ask if you have the email column set up and an email populating the column in your board? The reason for this is as long as there’s an email in the email column prior to sending, the emails should log in the app.

Let me know!

Yes there is an email in the email column but we tested it in our partner product and it still doesn’t capture the activity after the email is sent. Thanks for following up!

Hm, this indeed sounds strange and something I believe our technical team will need to investigate. Would you be happy to reach out to our support team via chat here and reference this community thread? This way the issue can be fast-tracked to our engineers for a deeper investigation. Thanks for your cooperation and patience throughout this process Sara :pray:

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