Lack of Functionality and a Disconnect between Emails & Activities and Gmail / Outlook Integrations and Automations

I, and several of the clients I work with as a Partner, continue to be frustrated with the complete disconnect between the Emails & Activities App and the Gmail/Outlook integrations and automations. I hope my feedback comes off as constructive. I know features have come a long way, especially in the last year. We have several clients who we’ve built complex CRM structures for, and each of them find the functionality of Emailing lacks. Are there any plans to integrate the two services more closely together?

For example, offering the ability to send email templates built in the E&A App (using the full email editor) using the Gmail/Outlook integration? Currently, one can only manually send emails from the E&A App, and the Gmail/Outlook integration is limited to plain-text only. Automated, properly-formatted emails is a core CRM functionality that is lacking in the product right now.

Another issue that has been raised by my clients is in inability to hyperlink from the Gmail/Outlook integration because it’s limited to plain text. This seems like a small thing, but it is a core feature they ask for. They’re having to provide a full link or a shorted link in emails which they feel is not professional looking or on-brand, and I agree with them. But since they rely so heavily on automated emails being sent based on board actions, they’re forced to do this and forced to send unformatted, plain text emails to high-profile clients and customers. Otherwise, they would have to manually send potentially hundreds of emails manually every day using the E&A App or from Gmail/Outlook directly which goes against monday’s goal of centralizing the workspace to a single tool.

Lastly, file links sent from the Gmail/Outlook integration referencing a Files column still send as unique links that require a computer to open and are not compatible with mobile. This is a HUGE hurdle for my business and clients I work with as automatically and routinely sending out files is a huge part of their business. Sending an attachment from the E&A App works great since it piggybacks off of Gmail and Outlook, but once again there is no ability to automate any email sending from the E&A App.

I hope my feedback is well-received. It is frustrating when a client comes with a simple request that most other CRM services offer that I can’t accomplish for them using and am forced to use workarounds or tell them it isn’t doable. Especially now that is being marketed as having a full sales CRM suite, I think more time and effort needs to be dedicated to developing the email functionality here, and specifically more closely integrating Automations to the Emails & Activities app.

Seconded. I’m part of a very small shop using Monday as a CRM as well, and our workflow has several natural trigger points where automatic emails would ideally be send our clients, taking a lot of repetitive work out of the hands of our account manager. However, we would like to be able to have proper hyperlinks as well as company branding and proper formatting in the body of the email. As of now, it appears that there’s no way to format those integration emails, making them useless.

Having email templates only usable for manual emails seems to defeat the entire purpose of email integration; why bother sending an email from Monday that the Account Manger can send from their Outlook account? A template by definition should be usable by an automated process.

Does anyone from have an update for us on whether this is being developed?

Any update on this? We would definitely benefit from proper formatting in the body of the emails!
Emailing files is also a huge hurdle forcing us to create workarounds. Would definitely love to hear if something is in the works?