Gmail integration using business domain to send / receive emails

We’ve just started to use so I’m sorry if this is really obvious. We’re primarily using the system as a lead prospecting system. I’ve connected it to our gmail account where we have all our business emails set up but I can only seem to get it to send email via the address. I am using the emails & activities view. It seems like an obvious thing for a CRM system to be able to do - I just can’t see how. If we can’t send emails via the system then it’s only slightly more useful than an excel spreadsheet.

Thanks for any help

I second this, there should be some means by which you can send an automated email using a template. I have trouble fathoming any reasonably sophisticated use case that wouldn’t require auto-sending templates.
My shop’s workflows require several emails be sent at various checkpoints throughout the client onboarding process, none of which require customization beyond adding the client’s name. It would save a great deal of time for our account manager if she could just trust the system to send those.