Issues with "when new Activity logged, create item in this board and connect" integration for Emails & Activities widget

Hi all,

I am trying to mimic the integration/automation in the new Monday Sales CRM that, when a new activity is logged in the Emails & Activities Widget, it creates an item in a Board and connects the two items. However, when I search for Emails & Activity integrations, the only integration recipe that fits is “When Activity created in Emails & Activities, create an item in this board and connect it to the source item”. However, this recipe seems to only (as the name indicates) create items in the same board that the source item is in. How can I create an item in a different board and connect the items? Here’s a link to a screenshare video explaining the issue issue-emails-and-activities-connect-to-board-integration.mp4 - Google Drive (Google Drive link)

Did you ever find a way around this? I’m seeing similar behaviour, except I get:

undefined (current)

Where is the current board.