CRM tip and trick [activities distributed b/w different teams/boards]

Hey monday sales CRM community :slight_smile:

I’ve been receiving a few queries about wanting activities to be distributed between different teams/boards etc so thought I’d post a great workaround - call it a tip and trick.

You may have added several workspaces with monday sales CRM product to your account and expected that adding activities in each workspace would result in each activity going to the related Activity board. However, without currently choosing which Activity board to use for the activities - it will appear in all the Activity boards where the recipe “When activity is created in Emails&Activities, create an item in this board and connect to the source item” is active.

To eliminate this, you will need to choose one Activity board where all the activities would go and set then distribute all the incoming activities with several simple automations based on the status, for example.

Let’s say, John is a sales rep in the US team and Mike is a sales rep in the EU team and they want there activities to be shown in separate boards.

So, they will need to set 2 automations on the main Activity board:

When the item is created and the Owner is John (the owner is the one who creates the activity), set the Status column to US team (or if the owner is Mike - EU team)

When the status is US Team, move the item to the board and specify which board it should be moved to.

Users can then have several Activities boards based on the teams’ location, departments or anything else. Hope you’ve loved this tip and trick and would love to know if you’ve used a workaround like this, your thoughts, comments, etc on it :slight_smile:


what a great tip, love it!