Features of the month: March!

:sparkle: We’re back with our Monthly feature wrap-up for March :sparkle:

We released some epic new features this month, including those features that we mentioned in January/February that were still in development or gradual release :tada: For this reason, please take note of the release status descriptions below so that you’re aware of why some features might not yet be active in your account - with that, let’s dive right in!

Here is a quick reminder of what each release status means:

  • In development - Our team is working on finalizing this feature. We do not have an exact release date, but you can expect to see it soon! That said, that development status is subject to change; however, we will keep you updated throughout the month in our community.
  • Gradual Release - This feature is being released gradually; you can expect to see the feature in your account in the coming weeks
  • Released - This feature has been released, and you should see it in your account.

It’s time for us to explore the features we fully released to all our users! (Yes!! That means all of you should see these features active in your accounts as of now!)

:mega: To start us off, we released WorkForms RTL language Support: This release supports RTL (right to left) languages when building and viewing your form. All users of languages written right to left can now access this functionality via Workforms!

:mega: Next up, we released a New Permission Type - to Create Doc On Items: This release falls under the account permissions settings, enabling admins to customize which team members can create workdocs on an item level. With this permission enabled, board members can create docs in the file column & doc column regardless of whether they have workspace membership!

:mega: One of our favorite new feature releases of March was the Ability to hide the File and Doc Column: Team members across all plan tiers now can restrict column edit or view so that confidential documentation remains secure and accessible only to those who are authorized :no_entry_sign:

big-Screen Shot 2023-03-08 at 12.16.14

:mega: March also saw the roll-out of the No Action Mode feature for Dependencies: This feature was still in development during our February wrap-up but has now been fully released to all accounts! This improvement provides the option to secure items when timelines are updated or changed so they do not shift during the process, ultimately offering better support for bulk changes to the timeline/date column.

:mega: Another new feature that proved to be a crowd favorite was our New Board Canvas Scrolling Experience: The unique scrolling experience has come out of gradual release and now been fully released to all accounts - say farewell to loading lags, and hello to seamless scrolling!


:mega: We also wanted to share that the Edit Automation Blocks functionality, a feature we included in our January new features in its development stages, has now been released to all accounts! Gone are the days of having to recreate your automation recipe from scratch; simply open the automation builder and easily edit your existing automation!

:mega: Another new feature that has come out of gradual release is the Mute Board in Context functionality: This release enables users to mute board notifications directly from the notification pane! This update also offers the ability to customize notification settings per board - a game changer for those users who only want to receive specific notifications or none at all :sparkles:

Let’s explore a new feature currently in gradual release - so keep your eyes peeled!

:mega: We bring to you Improved Seat Management: What does this mean?! Well, admins will now get a more in-depth overview of members in their account for improved billing and seat management. This release will ensure that only paying members are counted in seats, whilst offering the ability to add assigned seats of users per department, and providing an option to include this data in the final invoice!

Finally, because we always have exciting new features in the works, we wanted to include a new feature that is currently in development to get you all excited :sparkles:

:mega: Introducing the Workload Widget Coloring Customization: Just like it’s supported in the Gantt Widget, you will soon be able to define the coloring logic based on a selected field from your board! We recognized that users want greater control over the coloring logic in the workload widget to improve the visibility of resource allocation and workload management - as such, this feature will enable you to color by the column of your choice!

We’ve made it to the end of our monthly recap! Let us know your favorite feature and what your :star2: dream April feature recap :star2: would look like. On that note; we wanted to let you know that we will be combining the March new features webinar into the April new features webinar this time around which will be held of April 17th. You can find the registration link here, https://monday.zoom.us/webinar/register/1716805968238/WN_AI3KN47LSmuNBegRfFi20w :eyes:

Finally, cast your eyes on our New features Video Recap here :arrow_backward: This video details all of our fully released features of the month, including:

  • Ability to hide the File and Doc Column
  • WorkForms RTL language support
  • Performance improvements while scrolling
  • New permission type - Create doc on items
  • No action mode for dependencies

Please give it a watch and get yourself familiar with these new features :raised_hands:

That’s all from us :wave: