New features wrap-up (September)

September is coming to a close, so you know what it’s time for :drum: :drum:
our monthly features wrap-up! Check out which features we released throughout the month, and those coming to you very soon :eyes:

As mentioned last month, we have introduced a new section covering our top tips and support highlights for the month.

:rocket: Let’s get straight into our support highlights for September :rocket:

Here are our top 3 questions (/discussion points) from our weekly Office Hour sessions! Feel free to leave your opinion and answers in the comments below :point_down:

:question:How are our users integrating the 9-grid box diagram into monday for performance and talent management?

:boom: The value of viewers sharing data with stakeholders externally!

:question:Which time-tracking apps does our community recommend the most from the marketplace?

Now time for our feature recap - let’s go :bulb:

Here’s a quick recap of our status definitions, for anyone new!

  • In development - Our team is working on finalizing this feature. We do not have an exact release date, but you can expect to see it soon!
  • Gradual Release - This feature is being released gradually, you can expect to see the feature in your account in the coming weeks
  • Released - This feature is released and you should see it in your account.

:sparkles: Fully released features :sparkles:

:busts_in_silhouette: Teams as owners of boards and docs: Teams can now be granted ownership of boards and docs! Say hello to more streamlined collaboration, efficient delegation and greater project visibility :white_check_mark:

:calendar: Availability management: Admins have the ability to define work schedules in their accounts and account for these schedules in the Workload widget! This release was in response to feedback surrounding better customisation of resource allocation and planning, particularly for situations where users are unable to work.

:bulb: Item moved to another board pop up: Accidentally triggered an automation that misplaced your item? Us too… but gone are those days! We’ve implemented a pop-up that will appear when items are moved from a board via an automation. The pop-up will identify which automation triggered the move and where the new location is, so you can relocate that item no time.

item moved

:gear: Account automation delay message: We recognise automation delays are far from ideal, and in order to provide you with the information you need to minimise these situations, we have introduced an automation delay message to give you an understanding of when a slowdown occurs, and why.

Last month’s features that have been fully released:

:bar_chart: Workforms analytics page

:open_file_folder: Save workspace as a template

:sparkles: Features in gradual release :sparkles:

:page_facing_up: Workforms response limit: We are excited to be releasing form limits in Workforms! Form creators will soon be able to close a form once the number of submissions is met :tada:

form response limit

Last months features that remain in gradual release:

:date: Date column revamp

:sparkles: Features in development/testing mode :sparkles:

:lock: Private tasks: You will soon be able to capture and centralise your tasks in one centralised, private place across the web and mobile, with the added ability to set priorities and reminders :star2: You can access your private tasks from anywhere, simply using the shortcut command J :bulb::bulb::bulb:

:mag: Search column in column menu: The long awaited! We are currently improving the way you can search and implement columns in your board. This new release will enable you to search for your desired column via the search bar in the add column menu - yep, no more time wasted!

:spiral_calendar: Timeline picker revamp: Stay tuned for the rollout out of our new and improved timeline picker! Just like our date column, you will soon be able to experience the simplicity of keyboard inputting, an updated UI and performance fixes. Keep your eyes peeled :banana:

To close this month’s wrap-up we wanted to draw your attention to our upcoming :rocket: Elevate conference :rocket: Elevate is our yearly customer conference! This year, we are hosting both in-person and online events, especially for our community members. Make note of the date below, and STAY TUNED :eyes: :eyes:

Catch you in October :wave:


Hello, will the private board automatically pull all tasks that are assigned to you? In addition will you be able to sort by status?

Hey Tori! Think of the private tasks feature a a to-do list you can pull out easily wherever you are in the account!

You will need to manually add tasks and assign their priority within the feature; they are not created via items and statuses on different boards in the account.

I hope this helps clarify! If you are looking for a feature to show all tasks assigned to you across the account, that would be My Work!

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Love the new private tasks feature! However I wanted to alert you to an issue I’m experiencing. When clicking on reminder it asks me if I want to be reminded in 3 hours and shows thew time in 24 hour format “13:53.”

I went to my profile to make sure my format was set to 12 hours and it is. So why am I seeing this in 24 hour format.

Also some feedback on the feature: It’s annoying in general that reminders are Monday can only use your set times frames (ie. 3 hours, tomorrow, next week). We should have the ability to set when we want to reminded exactly. But especially when it comes to private tasks have the ability to set a custom time for a daily reminder when you have meetings coming up is really important.

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Hey Zack, sorry you’re running into an issue here… this sounds a little strange if you’ve set your account to 12HR time. Can you please let us know if this behaviour persist in a private window incase it’s a caching issue?

As for your feedback, we appreciate your comments and hear what you’re saying :pray: To confirm, when building those reminders, you’d essentially like to choose the exact time and date (perhaps through a date/time picker format), instead of the following structure?

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Yes. Not being able to set time of reminders makes things very hard.