January New Features Wrap Up!

It’s time for us to reflect on some of the epic new features and updates we brought (and are bringing…) to you this month in January :partying_face:

We have implemented a range of features associated with all different aspects of the platform, so be sure to explore the releases in your own account and refer to the linked knowledge base articles if you’re looking for more details. On that note, we have decided to do things a little differently this time around…

This month’s recap will be broken up into categories based on their current release status. This way, we can give our community a more transparent overview of each feature’s current development status state.

The development statuses are as follows:

  • In Development: Our team is working on finalizing this feature and we do not have an exact date for release but you can expect to see it live in the near future. That said, the development status is subject to change so we will be sure to keep you updated throughout the month in our community.

  • Gradual Release: This feature is being released gradually ,and you can expect to see the feature in your account in the coming weeks.

  • Released: This feature is released and you should see it in your account.

Let’s begin with our features that are currently in the works for this month. These are the features that are either still in development or gradual release.

In Development:

:loudspeaker: Edit automation blocks: This release has definitely been long awaited and we are excited to announce the ability to edit automation blocks in your custom automations. This means you will be able to open the automation builder and edit existing automations, without having to create an entirely new recipe.

Gradual Release:

:loudspeaker: Copy parents’ column: We heard your feedback, and recognised that many of our communities workflows required a linkage between item and subitem data. The manual labor of having to construct the same column between the two levels can now be avoided with the inclusion of a “copy option” that allows you to select the relevant item level column/s to be copied to the sub item level.

Check out our support article for more information:https://support.monday.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011905480#copy_parent_columns
Visit our full Facebook post here: monday.community | Facebook

:loudspeaker: Share email connection in emails + activities: This one might be a fan favorite for our CRM product users! We’re excited to announce that you will now be able to customize the shared email settings within the app for better privacy management. This enhanced customization means that you will now be able to share your email connection with other monday.com users, and customize which users can view and edit these emails.

Check out our support article for more information: https://support.monday.com/hc/en-us/articles/360019213180-Emails-Activities-on-monday-com#default_sharing

:loudspeaker: New trash/archive experience: Gone are the days of having to search in multiple different places for lost, deleted or archived data! In this release we have combined the 2 repositories of the trash and archive, allowing you to access both features from the same screen. This improvement will also see the inclusion of added filters and a search tool.

Check out our support article for more information: https://support.monday.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005312729-The-trash-section

Now that you know what we are currently working on, it’s time to explore some of the features we have fully released this month :white_check_mark:

:loudspeaker: Docs column, default templates: You are now able to set a column template in the doc column! This feature was in response to feedback about the abiilty to use the same format across multiple docs, so that each item in the board has a dedicated doc. When setting this up you can either start from one of our account templates or create a completely new template.

Check out our support article for more information: https://support.monday.com/hc/en-us/articles/9313128951442-The-monday-Doc-Column#doc_template

:loudspeaker: New dependencies infra: We’ve improved the performance of the dependencies feature, resulting in a fast and reliable experience. You will no longer be required to set up an automation to facilitate the dependency, you can simply create the dependencies straight from the column. The update is structured on the 2 dependency modes that underpinned the previous automation-based options - Flexible (equivalent to the “ensure” automation) and Strict (equivalent to the “adjust” automation).

Check out our support article for more information: https://support.monday.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007402599-Dependencies-on-monday-com
Visit our full Facebook post here: monday.community | Facebook

:loudspeaker: Jira integration 2-way sync: Drum roll please! We now support 2 way sync for entity creation and for specific fields. From now on you’ll be able to map future changes between Jira and your monday.com account when selecting “these fields” in the recipe.

Check out our support article for more information: https://support.monday.com/hc/en-us/articles/7238716251538-The-new-Jira-Cloud-integration#two-way-sync

:loudspeaker: New platform font: This is one you may have already noticed, however we recently replaced our Roboto font with the Poppins font (for larger texts over 18 pixels) and Figtree font (for texts smaller than 19 pixels) for a more clean, modern design. Not only does the font change bring about a new look, but it offers greater support for international characters and improved readability :spiral_notepad:

:loudspeaker: Funnel Chart: We welcome another new feature for our CRM product users! The funnel chart has been implemented to track those lead-to-sales conversions, specifically by reading status column transitions from the activity log - reading the current state of the chosen status on the board.

Check out our support article for more information: https://support.monday.com/hc/en-us/articles/8805401342482-The-Funnel-Chart
Visit our full Facebook post here: monday.community | Facebook

And that’s a wrap of our new features for January, both in full and gradual release :star_struck:

To learn more about our newest features, check our our monthly community new feature webinar, which usually happens at the end of every month. Check it out here!

Keep an :eye: out for those features that are still yet to be fully released, and we will be sure to keep you updated as they roll out. We’d love to know which feature will have the most impact on your workflow, and why? Please leave your questions or feedback in the comments below too!


Starting of 2023 strong!


Hi Juliette,

I’m still waiting to receive the webinar from January 25th that I was unable to attend.
I did register for it, and received an invitation to give feedback on it a few days later - but I’ve not yet been able to actually see it.

Great to learn about all of this. Is the Funnel Chart fully released? I cannot find it in the widgets.

Sorry about this @Danish Danish! You can check it out here → New Features January 2023 | monday.com - YouTube :pray:

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Hey @stdev! The widget has now been fully released to our Sales CRM users. Had you purchased the Sales CRM product? This might be way you are unable to see the widget - let me know! :slight_smile:

What about Enterprise accounts? Is there someone to contact?

I may have screamed with joy about being able to edit automations…
Excited to try the default template docs! Are there any plans for this to work with non-monday docs?

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If you have dedicated AM or CSM, I’d recommend reaching out to chat about this. You’re welcome to send me a private message and I can help look into this :pray:

Yay! We are happy to hear this! In terms of rolling templates out for non-monday docs, transparently I don’t believe this is currently on our (near future) roadmap, however I’ll share this with our product team and circle back if I hear back with any updates :blush: