New features wrap-up (November)

We’re nearly in December (we can’t believe it either!), which means it’s time for our November new features wrap-up!

First things first, we have to mention ELEVATE!

If you’re new here, Elevate is our yearly customer conference, jam-packed with valuable content and industry speakers :microphone: If you’re interested in registering for the event, attending one of our community events or even hosting a watch party, check out the dedicated website :star2: here :star2:

Now to the new features!

Please check out our release status definitions below:

  • In development - Our team is working on finalizing this feature. We do not have an exact release date, but you can expect to see it soon!
  • Gradual Release - This feature is being released gradually, you can expect to see the feature in your account in the coming weeks.
  • Released - This feature is released and you should see it in your account.

Without further ado, let’s explore our :sparkles: features in full release :sparkles:

  • When column is empty condition: We are excited that this highly anticipated feature has finally been released! You can now set a condition in your automations to factor in whether a column is empty or not - you no longer need to chase that missing information :person_gesturing_no:


  • Filter by the creation log column and the last updated column: Finally out of gradual release, you are now able to filter by the creation log column and the last updated column. This upgrade comes in response to growing feedback about the limitations of the previous filter (filter by person). Tell us your feedback! :muscle:

  • Automation builder upgrade: The automations builder has had a revamp! Access all you need to know via the builder, including the ability to delete, duplicate, and add a description to the recipe. You can also view the automation creator, when it was last updated, and the connected app/integration (to name a few!) :hammer_and_wrench:

  • Action level automation activity log: In conjunction with the automations builder update, you can now access more detailed insights into your automation activity! This means you can easily understand where an automation failed and how you can resolve it. Troubleshooting made easy :gear:

  • Apps marketplace facelift: The apps marketplace has had a refresh! We introduced new in-page navigation tools, improved filter capabilities, and offered improved access to app ratings and reviews. Has this already impacted your approach to third-party apps and integrations? :star2:

  • Workforms welcome page: No longer in gradual release, the ability to customise your workforms welcome page is now accessible to all! Is there anything else you’d like to see added to the welcome page? :page_facing_up:

What’s in :sparkles: gradual release :sparkles:

  • Hide subitem columns: A fan favourite! Very soon, you’ll be able to further customise your board views by hiding relevant subitem columns. The update also comes with an improved design that is consistent with our existing filtering components :shushing_face:

  • Active automation and integration page combined: No longer will you need to visit 2 separate stores to access integrations and automations! In the near future, you will see a unified store that combines both integrations and automations, simplifying and condensing automation/integration management :clap:

Now for our features :sparkles: in development :sparkles: including those from out previous months wrap-ups

:iphone:Email verification with code (mobile): We are improving the way users can access their accounts! When attempting to log into your account, you will soon be offered a new option to verify your email with a code. This new process will allow you to both securely and seamlessly access your account through the code sent via email on your mobile. Do you see this change positively impacting your login experience?

:speech_balloon: Board discussion
:date: Timeline column revamp

That’s it! We’re done and dusted for November :sparkle: Check out our video wrap up here → New features wrap-up | November

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December here we come :wave:


@BiancaT Does the above comment regarding subitems mean that subitem conditional coloring will also be included?

Love the “is/is not empty” condition!

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Hey Jake! I am afraid subitem conditional colouring will not be included at this stage. If there are updates on plans to support this, rest assured we will update our community asap :slight_smile:

@BiancaT Will support for is/is not empty for subitems be rolled out as well?

Hey Soroh,

At this time supporting subitems isn’t on our immediate roadmap, that said, you’re welcome to submit this as a feature request so our other community members can submit their vote to get this prioritised :pray: