New features wrap-up (October)

First up, are you ready for Elevate?

Before we get into it the latest features we have some exciting Elevate updates!

In case you missed it, Elevate is our yearly customer conference with lots of great content and industry speakers! This year, you will be able to choose from customized content, host a watch party, or join live community events with our Elevate speakers! Learn more here.

Attention New York area community members:

You are invited to join us in -person on December 5th at our NYC office for our FIRST community meetup!

What’s on the agenda, you ask?

  • It wouldn’t be Elevate without some 2024 Roadmap discussions
  • Networking with other community members across industries
  • Insider tips and tricks
  • Small roundtable sessions led by employees
  • Festive bites, dessert, and of course, swag!

So will you join us? If the answer is :star2: yes :star2: please fill out this form! Feel free to send this invitation to your team or others who may be interested . Please note that each person attending must fill out their own form to confirm attendance.

And for all those not in the area, we hope to have an event near you soon!

Now, feature updates!

Let’s recap some of the epic features we released this month and explore those that are in the process of being rolled out :eyes:

This month’s wrap-up is a short and sweet one, so please be on the look-out for dedicated feature posts over the next few weeks that will highlight our new releases in further detail.

Check out the release status definitions below:

  • In development - Our team is working on finalizing this feature. We do not have an exact release date, but you can expect to see it soon!
  • Gradual Release - This feature is being released gradually, you can expect to see the feature in your account in the coming weeks.
  • Released - This feature is released and you should see it in your account.

Without further ado, let’s explore our :sparkles: features in full release :sparkles:

Transfer integrations before disabling the user: Much like our automations, Admins can now transfer integration ownership, prior to disabling a user. The integrations will be disconnected to maintain the privacy of the account, however, the new owner will be able to re-activate them and keep all the existing configurations :white_check_mark:

Set submission limit in workforms: You now have greater control over your workform submissions by setting a limit on the number of submissions allowed! When the response limit is met, a dedicated error page will display to indicate submissions are closed :no_entry_sign:

submission limit

Filter automation run history by item name: Can’t seem to locate the automation that is triggering for a specific item? Say no more! Simply filter by the item name and drill down on which automations are to blame! :gear:

Assign team as board owner using automation (“Create board from template”): In response to increased demand for this release, it’s now possible to assign teams through the create board from template automation. Impressed, excited, and innovative - we agree! :busts_in_silhouette::busts_in_silhouette:

What’s in :sparkles: gradual release :sparkles:

Filter by date of the last updated column and the creation log column: We know this was on our community wish list, so THIS will be a crowd favourite! We are excited to announce that very soon users will be able to filter by the last updated column and creation log column. Long awaited we know, but worth it :date:

filter by reation log

WorkForms Welcome Page: The new workforms view will allow creators to provide greater context to form submitters prior to the submission! The view can include a customised title, description, and button text :wave:

Real attachments in E+A (sales CRM): Our sales CRM Emails and Activities users will be familiar with some limitations associated with sending files within the app. We are excited to announce that we are making some necessary changes :open_file_folder:

  • Files under 25MB will be sent as an attachment
  • Files over 25MB will be sent as links (with users being informed of the format).

Time to explore our features from last month that remain :sparkles: in development :sparkles:

:spiral_calendar: Timeline column revamp
:mag: Search column in column menu
:speech_balloon: Board discussions

That’s all for October! As mentioned, keep an eye out for new feature highlights across the forum and our in Facebook group. See you next month :tada:


Can we expect to use E&A full functionality in Work OS even as a paid add-on ? I don’t need the full CRM suite and I want to stay on the same platform, where are my projects, my contacts.



Man, this would be great!
I have all built on Work OS with Make integrations, it would be a mess to move everything over and then have boards in two workspaces.


Hey @Krunchy and @Lfer,

I can confirm you can expect to see the Emails and Activities App as a paid add-on in the very near future. Stay tuned :eyes: :eyes:

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What’s the meaning of “near future”? Thank you.

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Currently Email and Activities is NOT behaving normally - for the last couple weeks. I have an open ticket with monday but have not seen a resolution. Previously shared email addresses functioned wonderfully, now cannot connect nor stay connected. It mentions a sharing option only available to “read” when before several users all were able to “read and write”. Stating that option is only available for “CRM Pro”. We are Work OS not CRM users. If E&A is no longer functional because of these changes, please advise as this is highly disruptive on our tenant. We need to search for a new emailing app if moving forward this is expected behavior. Thank you.

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Hey Rachael, totally understand the frustration here. Can you please send me a private message with your email so I can investigate this further? :pray:

What are the approximate costs that emails and activities will charge us?

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