What do you want to see at Elevate 2023?

Hey Community!

We are already thinking about Elevate 2023 (our global customer conference) and need your help! We want to make sure the Elevate 2023 is filled with content that best fits the needs and interest of our beloved community.

In case you want to check out what was included in our conference this year, you can have a look here.

So help us build monday.com’s next global conference by letting us know what you want to see at Elevate 2023?

  • Practical tips on how to boost your monday.com account
  • Short talks on work culture and efficiency
  • Stories of monday.com customers
  • Deep-dives on how to use monday.com products

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Any other ideas? Drop them in the comments!

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Pipeline for new features, please!!

More specifically:

  • news for custom automations supporting mirrored columns as regular ones, subitems and formulas
  • news regarding the behavior of dependencies

I’d appreciate specific details about new features and products, instead of the general overview that’s already available in marketing materials.

Also, specific use cases that solve tough problems, or presentations from partner consultants that highlight innovative solutions at the enterprise level.

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