Most loved features of 2023

Features that our community loved the most in 2023

As we get into the 2024 groove, let’s look back at all the new features that you enjoyed the most in the past year. We put together the new features that got the most love in our community so that you can start off the year with a quick reminder of some of the great features you can add to make you workflows more efficient.

Here are the top 5 releases of the year, based on the highest engagement from our community:

  • Date Column revamp: A long-awaited! The date column was upgraded with a new date picker, providing a smoother, more accessible and more convenient data inputting experience!
  • monday AI Assistant :man_technologist:: One of our biggest releases! A tool that supports task generation, email composing and rephrasing, summarization of complex task, and the ability to build formulas…
  • Hide subitem columns: A very highly requested feature, that we brought to life! You can now hide subitems in your board, with an improved design that is consistent with our other filtering components.
  • When column is empty - Automation action: The crowd went wild for this one! Set a condition to factor in whether a column is empty or not. Now you can set reminders and notifications for situations where critical information is missing from columns, whether that be new lead information or missing content in an email campaign - this new addition has got you covered.
  • Filter your board by the Creation Log and Last Updated column: You can now filter your board according to the dates from your Creation Log and Last Updated Columns, allowing you to zoom into the exact data you need.

Now, lets break it down and check out the monthly favorites of 2024

January 23

  • Set column template in Doc Column: R esponse to feedback about the ability to use the same format across multiple docs, so that each item in the board has a dedicated doc. When setting this up you can either start from one of our account templates or create a completely new template.
  • New dependencies infra: Faster, more reliable experience. You will no longer be required to set up an automation to facilitate the dependency, you can simply create the dependencies straight from the column.
  • Jira 2-way sync: 2 way sync for entity creation and for specific fields. From now on you’ll be able to map future changes between Jira and your account when selecting “these fields” in the recipe.


  • Edit custom automations: You can now fully edit your custom automations, directly from the automations builder - add or remove conditions, triggers, and actions all in one go!
  • Custom role-based account permissions: We improved our permissions features and supported account-level roles based on existing positions, while also offering the ability to assign those new roles to the account users, creating better distinction between user types!
  • Copy item to subitem: A feature release that addressed the need for greater compatibility and correlation between items and subitems! Seamlessly, copy item-level data to the subitem level simply by selecting the “copy option” after deciding to add a new column in the subitems.


  • Ability to hide the File and Doc Column: Finally, team members across all plan tiers were able to restrict column editing and viewing of the files and docs column! Confidential documentation now remains secure and accessible only to those who are authorized.
  • WorkForms RTL language support: A well-awaited update! When using WorkForms, we now support RTL (right to left) languages for building and viewing your form!
  • No action mode for dependencies: An exciting release that was the catalyst of many exciting dependency updates! We developed the “No action” mode , so that items will not shift automatically on your timeline or Gantt, offering better support for bulk changes to the timeline/date column.


  • Dedicated WorkForm automation recipes: We released dedicated workforms automations to minimize growing confusion specific to workforms automations.
  • Show full content of automation notifications: The introduction of the “Read more” option in our automation notifications, meant that you can conveniently view the entire contents of an automation notification so crucial details are no longer missed :white_check_mark:
  • Improved Gantt export to PDF: Exporting a Gantt chart now displays the full width and length of the Gantt!


  • Notifications search: Enjoy the convenience of locating specific notifications by searching keywords in your bell notifications - simply type in the board name, item name, client, or even the action, and watch the magic happen :crystal_ball:
  • Launch of What’s New page: We launched our brand new landing page that centralizes all of our feature releases, announcements and updates in one place. Didn’t know about this! Check it out here!
  • App ratings and reviews for developers: Our new rating system now allows you to see which apps are most recommended while also enabling external developers to receive the feedback they need to improve the functionality :iphone:


  • Mass emails in the Emails & Activities app: One of our most exciting sales CRM releases - the ability to distribute thousands of personalized emails in seconds by using the Emails & Activities app on monday Sales CRM - WOW!
  • One-by-one format for WorkForms: The release of our new question format enabled the submitter to view the questions individually, providing a more intuitive submission experience - a benefit we see relevant for feedback surveys, contact sales forms, registrations, and more!
  • Additional Kanban divide-by options: A highly requested feature, we brought to life! You can now divide by ‘status’ and ‘connected boards’ (in the case of a single value only).
  • Dashboard Hub for With the Dashboard Hub app, teams can analyze, collaborate and share business data through customizable reporting dashboards with pre-built templates for different teams.


  • Transfer automations before user deactivation: A refreshing update to automations management! Admins can transfer all automation ownership prior to deactivating a user - all in less than 3 clicks :sparkles:
  • New monday layout: Our platform got a face-lift! Our new layout was rolled out to support all our new features moving forward added features and made account navigation a whole lot smoother!
  • WorkForms people column question: Add a People Column to your WorkForm to easily assign an item to a specific person or team without having to create an automation on your board!


  • Set a team as a board or doc owner: Give all the members of a team ownership of a board or doc in one click, so that all the relevant people will have permissions to make changes with ease.
  • WorkForms submissions analytics page: Make data driven decisions and gain form insights such as submission rate, geolocation, average submission time, and more by using the new WorkForms analytics page.
  • Personalize your workdoc cover photo: Add your own custom photo or GIF as the cover photo of your workdoc to customize and brand it as you wish.


  • Workload availability management: Do you have multiple users on your account, each with different work schedules? The Workload widget can now be customized based on the work schedule for each user!
  • Template your workspace: Available on the Pro & Enterprise plans, you can template a Workspace full of boards, dashboards, workdocs, and more so that any team can easily recreate it.
  • Mass email analytics on monday sales CRM: Mass email analytics help you to streamline the performance of your campaigns by giving your team visibility into your target audience’s engagement.
  • Clarity on automation errors: We’ve upgraded the way we notify you about certain automation errors to help increase transparency and make it easier to get them working again.


  • Date Column revamp: A long-awaited! The date column was upgraded with a new date picker, providing a smoother, more accessible and more convenient data inputting experience!
  • Transfer integrations from deactivated users: This is one we were excited about! Similar to our automations, admins were provided the ability to transfer integration ownership prior to disabling the user :gear:
  • More visibility in automation activity log: We expanded the functionality of the automation activity log - see if every trigger, condition, and action in an automation recipe has succeeded or failed.


  • Lock your views to prevent unwanted edits: Customize your board view and lock it, to prevent others from making any changes or edits :lock:
  • Improved automations and integrations usage page: Clearer and more aesthetically pleasing, admins can better track automation and integration usage on the new and improved usage page.


  • Workform updates: December included many new workforms updates including
    • New multi select
    • Improved single select
    • New questions settings
    • duplicate questions
  • Unified automations and integrations center: We also announced a new automations center.

So do you agree with the above? Any features you would add?


Can anyone advise what the trigger is called to set up this automation? We have a board where the project timeline is a column and is being missed when people add new projects.

Use any trigger. This is a condition.

Do you know what the condition is called? It doesn’t show when searching for “column”

Click on this “+” button –

Awesome thanks! I knew I was missing something. :face_with_peeking_eye: