Exciting Autopilot Updates | Q1 Improvements

Hey there monday.com users,

We have some exciting updates from our Autopilot Domain that we’d love to share with you. Our team has added some awesome features that we’d love to introduce to you!

Check out some of these new improvements:

  1. You can now import tickets from Zendesk directly into a monday.com board! Learn all about this awesome feature here!

  1. You can now remove existing integration connections easily!

  1. Custom automation enhancements!

You can now use our custom automation builder to automatically create updates, create an item in another board, move an item to another board, and much more.

Check out this article to learn all about our custom automation improvements :slight_smile:

To see what we’re up to, check out the Custom Automations Roadmap and stay tuned!

  1. This one is for all you Jira Integration lovers! We added support for 2 more fields in our integration:
  • Assignee: You can now assign a Jira issue within a monday.com column. Note: It doesn’t support monday.com’s person column at the moment.

  • Status: You can now change the Jira issue’s status within a monday.com column.
    You can learn all about our Jira Integration here!

  1. Using automations for due date reminders? Using the timeline column on your board? The Timeline Start Date is now supported in due date automations! Note: This feature is only available on our custom automations. You can learn all about this in this article.

  • Automations can now push dates by business days! You can now choose to push days forward (or backward) by business days, skipping weekends aligning to the work-week you define for your team (Sunday-Thursday or Monday-Friday)!

  1. You can now duplicate an item using our custom automations as well!

We’d highly recommend checking out these feature additions and let us know what you think! :slight_smile: