Custom Automation Recipes | Additional Support!

Hey community!

Looking to give your workflow that extra boost?! Love our automations as much as we do? Do I have good news for you!

We recently released more supported conditions, triggers and actions for our custom recipes!

ACTION - assign team

ACTION - duplicate group

ACTION - assign creator

ACTION - set number column value

ACTION - Unassign someone

TRIGGER - Date Arrives

TRIGGER - Date Passes

CONDITION - status is/is not something

CONDITION - assigned to someone

You can learn all about custom automations here.

We are constantly working on improving our automations and integrations, so stay tuned for more blocks!!

We were just getting started! Here are so more exciting new releases:

  1. Button Column: You can now automatically assign tasks, move items to new groups, change status, and more with buttons! Add buttons to make your workflow that much smoother!

2. Automations support mirror columns!

You can now trigger an automation from a mirrored column’s status! This opens up endless opportunities for easier, handsfree workflows.

  1. Integrations now carry over when duplicating boards! When you duplicate boards with integrations, the integrations will carry over as well! You can now set up an integration and configure all of the fields, duplicate that integration, and all that will be left is connecting it on the duplicated board.

4. Search for automations & integrations easily!

Looking for an automation that supports subitems? just search for “subitem” in the store search bar. Searching for an app name (like “Jira”) filters and shows all the recipes for that app. Searching for common keywords relevant to each app now shows the app and its relevant recipes.

Thank you for your time! We love feedback so if you have any feedback on our custom recipes, feel free to submit it here!

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