Need help regarding custom recipe automation.

Hi Monday Team,

Need help regarding custom recipe automation.

I just want to create a simple custom recipe of populating columns of any board.
For example → show all columns of a board when we select a specific board.

I have created a custom recipe to achieve this but it does not displaying columns of a selected board.
I am attaching screenshots as well so that anyone can understand what i am trying to achieve.

I will be extremely thankful ,if someone help me on this.

Waiting for your reply

Best Regards,
Manisha Kumari


Anyone there?? please reply.
Help me on this…

Hi @Manisha ,

You just have to select the context while creating the recipe to get the columnId list.



Hi @aquibk,

Thanks for replying, can you please explain in detail or
show me screenshots of custom recipe workflow.
what fields you have taken in workflow blocks. please send me screenshots.

I just want to know the concept that how are you populating columns of any board when you select a specific board from a list and then it will show columns of that board

Waiting for your reply.

Hi Anyone here,

Please suggest me how to achieve this?
I have uploaded 30 seconds video what i am trying to achieve.
this is the link of that video

In this video you can see when i select any board from the list it should show columns of that board. rigth now its showing nothing. please have a look on this short video.
and give me your valuable views.

hi @Manisha

I tried to open your video but got a login page. What I understand is that you want to present the user with a list of columns from another board.

@aquibk, how do you select (or set) the context. To my knowledge the context is always the context of the current board (where the recipe is added to) and can’t be changed.

The only solution I see is:

  • create a custom field that calls a remote URL
  • create a dependency so that the the remote URL is called you get the boardId from the selected board
  • in your remote URL endpoint the dependent boardId will be in the payload
  • query the board that you got in the payload
  • build on array of objects [{text: “the column name”, value:“the columnId”}]
  • (optional) filter for column type
  • return that array to the the recipe

The user is now presented with the column names of the selected board and when the user selects it and save the recipe to the board the custom fields returns the selected object to the subscribe endpoint. The subscribe endpoint gets the columnId by referencing cfColumn.value (if cfColumn is the field name returned by the custom field).

Hi @basdebruin

Thanks for replying.
Yes you correctly got my point.
can you please tell me how to return that array to the recipe.

I did all things . like

  1. first i created a custom field (test_field)

  2. and then added remote url of a webhook

  1. then added board id dependency

  2. and query that board in integromat monday graphql module whenever board is selected in automation custom recipe

  3. now the last part where i am stuck how to send columns after querying columns back to recipe to show under recipe dropdown( i mean * return that array to the the recipe)

  4. i want to show columns of selected board
    in this recipe (screenshots are below)

and @basdebruin this is the link
Upload files for free - 30 seconds video.webm -
you need to download that 1mb 30 seconds short video

hi @Manisha

Looks like you are almost there. I am not an Integromat expert but it looks like the query to get the columns of the selected board returned data. Are you sure that the endpoint to retrieve those columns is called when you click the “this column”?

It seems that your are not responding in Integromat, I don’t see the Integromat module that response to the webhook in your scenario.


The response should be formatted as an array of objects [{title: “what user sees”, value: “what code receives”}]. Probably you want to return the column name as the title and the columnId as the value. If you want to return also the boardId you can do this in the value by concatenating and place a separator in between them (e.g. columnId + “|” + boardId). when this is received back in the subscribe you can easily split this into separate fields.

Hi @basdebruin
Yes I now its incomplete right now, i will add that action webhook response module.
I will test it.
Thanks for stay connected. I will come back to you.

Hi @basdebruin

please have a look on these screenshots.

  1. In first module is the webhook which i have given in remote url field
    It generates payload board data when i select board from recipe
  2. In second graph ql module , i have query all columns of that selected board

    and it returns all columns of that board you can see in below screenshot
  3. And in third webhook response module as you said i have added and key and value columns data

    and it gives 200 response their (which is fine) it displays name column
    but i want to display these columns to my recipe here below screenshot

I’m not an Integromat expert. You need to make sure the response is formatted as [{title: “what user sees”, value: “what code receives”}]

It looks you are returning an empty body, can’t you do something like this in Integromat?

Hi @basdebruin

Okay , I will pass data like this. and will come back to you soon.

Hi @basdebruin Good Morning
Sorry for delay, i was on weekend.
I did as you said, i added webhook response module in scenraio

but still when i click “this column” in recipe after selecting board first , it does not populating columns

I think this is not working as you said → "Are you sure that the endpoint to retrieve those columns is called when you click the “this column”?

what you think?

I only need to add webhook url in custom test_field right?
please see my recipe is it fine to populate columns of any board
below are the screenshots of my custom recipe

Hi @Manisha

My Integromat knowledge is not enough to be able to answer the complete question. You have to find out how to return an array of JSON objects. Probably you need to create ar array in Integromat.

Yes, I am sure it works this way. Your endpoint will be posted to when the user click this column words in your recipe. You can easily see if the endpoint is called in Integromat. Sorry I can’t help you further.