Referencing columns from different board in recipe

Hi all,

I’m trying to create a recipe which contains a column from a different board from the one the integration is added to (very much like some of the native automations do).
Is this currently possible ?



Hey @freek-gcompany,

Thanks for writing in - Ivan here from the team! Would you mind sharing just a bit more information around what you’re looking to set up here? What column specifically are you looking to have created on your second board? Are you able to explain what you’re attempting to accomplish in a bit more detail?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hi thanks for your response, appreciate you taking the time.

What I’m trying to do is check the value of column X in board A against column Y of board B in a custom integration recipe.

As such, I want to add a recipe that when column X in board A changes, I can reference first of all board B and then column Y (from board B) in that recipe. However, whenever I add a second column selector in the recipe, it always refers to columns from board A (the board to which I’m adding the recipe), I can’t seem to manage referencing columns from board B.

Does that make sense?

Hi @freek-gcompany,

I have had this use case before, however, the only way that I could currently do this is using a fixed board_id for the remote board you are accessing. I think used a custom field and made an API call to get the columns from the remote board.

I do believe that Monday are releasing dependencies for custom fields. This would then allow the user to select a board, and then you could use this board_id to query the columns on that board.

Hey @freek-gcompany,

I believe we do support cross-board integrations, but not purely with our monday recipes. You would need to implement a custom trigger or action to do this. As Mitchell described above, it is a bit tricky to accomplish.


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