How to automatically post content from other boards?

Can anyone help me with a video answer to the following question?

I want to be able to enter something in one column and have the matching content from another board be entered in the corresponding cell of the current board, without having to repeat the content from the other board.

Let me explain with an example.

I have boards 111, 222, and 333 as shown in the attached image.
I want the data on board 222 and board 333 to automatically populate on board 111.

I type aa (in red) in Column 1 of board 111.
Then, I want to automatically extract the values in Column 2 and Column 3 of Item 2A from Board 222 that has aa in Column 1 and put them in Board 111.
In other words, I want bb and cc to be automatically entered in Column 2 and Column 3, respectively, of Board 111, which I have colored green.

How should I fill in Column 2 and Column 3 of Board 111 to make it work as above?

If I enter X (colored in red) in Column 10 of Board 111, I want to similarly have it automatically take the values Y, Z, which correspond to Column 20 and Column 30 of Item 3A on Board 333, and automatically populate them in Column 20 and Column 30 of Board 111 (colored in green), respectively.

Do I need to create column 20 and column 30 on board 111 to make this work as above?

If I do the above, if the contents of the columns on board 222 and board 333 change, will the contents of board 111 change automatically, and how do I make that happen?

If possible, I would appreciate it if you could do it in a video like LOOM.

Thank you.

Hey @jhyuklee , welcome to the community.
In my humble opinion, not possible with the native functionality. There is a connection column logic present, however it won’t yield the exact result that you’ve explained above.

Is possible through Zapier (or similar). But I see too many tasks being consumed.

If you could highlight the scenario that you want to implement with a business case, there might be easier way to do the same thing (from a process setup point of view).

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Thank you very much.

hi @jhyuklee

This is like the Excel MATCH & INDEX functions across monday boards. The app Match Index Column (see Apps Marketplace) does exactly match what you are asking. See this Loom

All configuration is done in the target board (the board receiving the data) with simple integration recipes (in this case those four).

The app has a 10-day trial period so you can test if you like. More information (like detailed document and pricing) to be found at 27|Match Index Column - Excellent Team

Thank you very much

thank you. it helps