Introducing: The Button Column!

Hey wonderful users!

We’ve got some really exciting news to share with you all! We’ve just released a new column that you can add to your board now - the Button Column!

If you click on “Choose an action” you’ll see the custom recipe editor, where you’re able to choose the button column you want to be the trigger and then select an action for that button!

Here are some actions you can choose from:

You’re even able to customize the column by changing the button’s color and text in the column’s settings to make it fit your needs and tailor it for your specific workflow!

We’d love to get your feedback around this new column, both positive and constructive, and feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions:


So trying out the button feature which is great for tasks that don’t really have a change in status. My question - will there be any kind of confirmation that the action has been completed? A dot, a bubble, something momentary to say the button engaged.


I like it. That’s good idea!

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Is there any chance you can add “duplicate item” to the actions? It exists as an action in the automations, so I’m sure it might be possible. Right now there’s only Duplicate Group, which seems a bit less useful…

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Hi @reinhardts!

That’s such great feedback and I’ll pass this along to our Autopilot Team as feedback! For now, are you able to create a new item or move the existing item to a different group? Are you able to tell us a bit more about your workflow so that we can learn more?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the response. I actually don’t really remember why I needed that, we were brainstorming a use-case for Monday in my team, and that came up. I think it had to do with duplicating the item, and then moving that duplicate one to a new board, leaving the original where it is, and maybe changing a status.

Exactly what I was looking for - aid workflow where a new item is required with the same name but in a different group