Introducing: The Button Column!

Hey wonderful users!

We’ve got some really exciting news to share with you all! We’ve just released a new column that you can add to your board now - the Button Column!

If you click on “Choose an action” you’ll see the custom recipe editor, where you’re able to choose the button column you want to be the trigger and then select an action for that button!

Here are some actions you can choose from:

You’re even able to customize the column by changing the button’s color and text in the column’s settings to make it fit your needs and tailor it for your specific workflow!

We’d love to get your feedback around this new column, both positive and constructive, and feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions:


So trying out the button feature which is great for tasks that don’t really have a change in status. My question - will there be any kind of confirmation that the action has been completed? A dot, a bubble, something momentary to say the button engaged.


I like it. That’s good idea!

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Is there any chance you can add “duplicate item” to the actions? It exists as an action in the automations, so I’m sure it might be possible. Right now there’s only Duplicate Group, which seems a bit less useful…


Hi @reinhardts!

That’s such great feedback and I’ll pass this along to our Autopilot Team as feedback! For now, are you able to create a new item or move the existing item to a different group? Are you able to tell us a bit more about your workflow so that we can learn more?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the response. I actually don’t really remember why I needed that, we were brainstorming a use-case for Monday in my team, and that came up. I think it had to do with duplicating the item, and then moving that duplicate one to a new board, leaving the original where it is, and maybe changing a status.

Exactly what I was looking for - aid workflow where a new item is required with the same name but in a different group


This would be very useful to count things, for example sales calls. Is it possible to add an automation like this: When Button is clicked set Numbers to +1.
Now it only sets the number to what you that specific number, not adding on that.

I’ll try coming up with other use cases for this too, I bet there are plenty.



I really like the idea of the button.
I wish you could view and edit the automation for the button instead of having to delete and create it again.
Also, what if the button could be as independent as a pulse, so you could have a board with a couple of different buttons for different pulses. For example: the button would trigger an action of notifying someone of something - with someone being a person you can select as you click the button and the something a pre-created notification template.


We use the public view share settings quite extensively to give car dealers we work with a view of their approved loan applications so they know if they’ve funded or not. What would be a game changer for us is if the functionality of the button automation was available in the shared view they see. That way they could click it and clear the item when they want to declutter rather than it only clearing after the seven day automation we currently have set up triggers.
Here’s the demo version I play with so you can see what I mean:

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Any chance that the button can add an update to an item? Or is that something that has to happen in the automations system first?
It would be great if I can create a custom recipe that when someone clicks a button in the column, and update is posted to the item. is there an automation that will click a button if another status changes?
Hi! is there an automation that will open or duplicate a group of items in a different board?


While button automations don’t currently support that exact combination in 1 automation, you could accomplish this but it would require multiple automations on both boards.

Off the top of my head, a combination of (1)button click to create an item in the target board that would then (2)trigger the creation of a group. From there you can have (3)another automation that duplicates or creates a group. But depending on where that group info is coming from and your specific workflow, this could get complicated.

But an automation like this would be easily achievable through Integromat or Zapier and much more customizable. If you do decide to go that route please see this thread on how to send a Webhook via a Button Column click. If you need further assistance setting this up, I use Integromat and could help troubleshoot your scenario.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for both story & best way. ! looks a bit complicated but Ill try it :smiley:

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