adding buttun automation option

Allow to perform actions at the click of a button(button colmb) that does not exist today.
For example: when I click the button (then):

  • will open a new document in the X board
  • Take me to item X
  • Open a link in a new tab (today open a link in anothere colomb forces to insert the link in each item. the meaning here is to insert one link, which I will set once in the button and every time I open a new item I will not have to set the link again - because it is already set in the button).
  • open subitem

It will just make the job much easier and more efficient :ok_hand:

Hey @A.Digital! We do have The Button Column that is supported in our custom automations. Whilst there is definitely room for improvement and better customisation, had you explored this functionality? Hopefully this helps!

yes, i saw.
i edited the suggeste to be more clearly

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Yes, I guess that the baseline of your request is to have more action available in the automation tools. I agree


Thanks for your comments @A.Digital and @Patnard! I understand you’re looking for greater functionality and customisation of the button column in our automations. Will happily relay these comments internally :+1: