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Hello Community, I am trying to create a button that’s trigger by subitems. Scenario - when a Lead request a Proposal its moved from the Prospecting board to Deals board group Need Proposal - the Lead is assigned to a advisor and Date proposal requested is entered.

Wanted Advisor to click button (Proposal Sent) once proposal is sent to lead -subitem created and subitem columns completed for Proposal Sent date, Proposal file

Hi am very green to the community and did not see your response. Really need some help with this

You can try this but i’m not sure it’s fonctionnal

Thanks will try this… having a difficult time with management implantation of new features since they have used since day-one but has managed not upgrade / simplify there process.

A button cannot be triggered only clicked. This sounds like you would benefit from the “dependencies” column
When a status changes to this , change it’s dependency to this.
So I would mess around with that too.

But for exactly what you are asking you could do this following:

You will need more than 1 automation to complete this but go to the custom automations and you’ve pretty much written it out for yourself.

in the first board
When a status changes to this move item to board

in new board (custom automation)

THEN for the sub-items (custom automation)

and choose all your sub-item option within that custom automation by clicking on the word “sub-item”

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Ashley, thanks so much. Am really enjoying all the feedback from the community for beginners like me. This has given me confidence in working on projects for my company.

Thanks I have will look this over.

Thanks for the advise this worked

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