Sub item triggering from board A and another sub item created in board B

Hi, in the business there are different devices that require us to request different information specific to the device from the customer to do the set up.

there will be 2 boards

In one board, the parent item name would be the customers name followed by all the products we offer as sub items and the user will be able change status of these sub items to ‘required’ if that customer needs it.

Now what i want, when the above user change the sub item as ‘requied’ i want it to trigger all the information that user 2 should request from the customer in the second board as subitems under the customers name (parant item)

i managed to make it so when the status is change in the first board the item is then created in the second board but struggling on the subitems section.

Hopefully you understood this and any help is appreciated.

Hi Madushka,

That’s a clear explanation, however I’m curious about why you have the condition of the boards being structured in this way.

There are a few limitations regarding subitems and native automations. You can use a tool like to get around these, however I would have a few questions:

How many different products do you offer?

How many orders do you expect to receive per quarter?

These are key considerations when deciding your approach. is a very general-purpose tool and it is quite flexible, however it might not always work in exactly the way you expect.

From the sounds of things, it seems like using forms or making use of some of the features in monday sales CRM would be more practical for you.

Sorry for the vague answer! If you’re interested in discussing planning your solution in more detail, feel free to reach out.