November's top new features!

Hey community!

Incase you aren’t aware, each month we hold a new features webinar that deep dives into our most recently released platform features! You’ll be pleased to know that as of now, our community members will have access to the inside scoop prior to the new features webinar each month (with this month being the exception) :smirk: We hope you’re as excited as we are about this, and feel free to share your thoughts on the thread below!

Without further ado, let’s dive into what’s new for November!

All things boards :eyes:

  1. Weekdays support in date column:

Admins now have the option to ‘hide weekends’ as a setting which excludes weekends when planning their projects and tasks’ timeline durations. You’ll be pleased to know, that the dependency calculations also take this configuration into account when calculating timeline changes between dependencies. Prior to this change, weekends could only be excluded from the timeline column picker. Now, if the “hide weekends” is turned on at the account level, weekends will be greyed out.

weekday support

  1. Mirror status aggregation improvement:

Previously, hovering over the status labels of connected items in a mirrored status column would only display the fraction and percentage of items that had a certain status label (for example, if two items were connected and one of them had the status of ‘Done’, it would say ‘Done ½ 50%’). We’ve listened to your feedback, and have now added the names of the boards that each item originates from.

Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 8.28.33 am

  1. Automatic removal of deleted connect boards relations:

Now this is one of our favourites! Finallllllly, when you delete a board, group, or item that is connected to items in a different board, the connected boards or items will automatically be removed. In the past, the deleted connection would remain present in the other board - which admittedly was unintuitive and left broken links. As for now, if I try to delete this item that is connected to an item in another board, this message pops up.

  1. Subitem filtering in boards and dashboards:

You asked and we listened! Advanced filtering for subitems is now supported in boards, board views and dashboards :white_check_mark:

All things board views :eyes:

  1. Kanban card actions menu:

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to our new actions menu on the cards in our kanban view! The kanban view groups the items on your board by status labels. Previously, the item-related actions you could undertake within the kanban view were limited to dragging and dropping an item from one kanban category to another, and adding an item, now you have various other options to choose from.

  1. (Drum-roll please…) Workforms are out of beta:

The workforms product is independently available through and is also available as an internal feature to people who have accounts. Nothing should change for you going forward, besides having a much better experience and being able to access these additional features.

  1. Workforms results summary view:

Until now, the results tab in workforms showed the form responses simply as a board/table. With this new summary view, you can analyse form results using pie charts, bar charts, and and sortable tables, allowing you to obtain a more clear overview of your response data!

All things automations :gear:

  1. New automation duplication mechanism:

What does this mean? Check out my quick loom demonstration below to find out!

Additionally, if you have created a custom automation that contains a connected integration block, upon duplicating the board (with the custom integration), the new board’s integrations will remain connected! No need to reconnect :exploding_head:

All things dashboards + widgets :gear:

Cast your eyes to these new short and snappy developments below:

  1. The Numbers widget now supports both items and subitems count:

  1. Workload widget can show workload in %:

We’ve added the option to present the workload rate as a percentage, which divides the effort by the weekly limit.

Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 8.33.55 am

  1. (An exciting one…) The Workload widget can present data from both items and subitems:

All things account organisation :open_file_folder:

  1. Create new folder/boards/docs from workspace left pane folder.

  1. Workspace permissions now available for apps:

From now on when installing an app, you can choose whether you want the app to work on all or on specific workspaces!

  1. Users can now request to join teams:

This will alert permitted approvers via notifications who can then accept or deny the request. Permitted approvers are other members of the team and account admins.

  1. (To finish with another favourite…) Admins or board owners now can undo the action of “moving an item to another board” that was done by another user!

Annnd that’s a wrap! We’d love to hear which of the new features are your faves, and if you’ve started to implement some of these features into your workflow already in the comments below :hugs:

Stay on the lookout for our December new features sneak peak and our 2022 wrap up at the end of the month :tada:


Hello @BiancaT,

Thank you for the update. Very useful.

Although, some of the images in your post are broken. This maybe because, the images are being referenced from the main monday account. For example, here is the link for the last image, which when opened in incognito will ask you to authenticate first.

For reference, I have attached a screenshot of the page to this post to show which images are visible and which are not

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Hey! Thanks for flagging. We are fixing the images!

Hey @kolaai! Really sorry about that! It should be all fixed - let me know if you still have issues :pray:

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Hi @BiancaT,

This is a great way to showcase new features. Do you plan on bumping this post every month with the new features or will you start a different thread every time?

Thank you and the team for this!


Great question! What would you prefer? I think every month we can have a new one and will put the month in the title?


Great update! Thanks!
I like the summary and visuals you provide here. Especially the weekday support. very helpful.
I look forward to having the ability to block out company holidays in our project plans in the near future! Any idea on when that feature will be released?


Hi Juliette,

Yep, I think a new one per month is the way to go.

Thanks again!


LOVE this format for the updates. I agree a new one monthly would be the best way to do it. Excited to see new features start rolling out again! Are there any plans for an updated Roadmap?


So glad to hear, thanks for the feedback! As for the ability to block out company holidays, this is a request we are definitely aware of and that our product team has their eye on. That said, we are waiting on status update for this one, so I cannot confirm anything as of yet (I’m sorry!) but keep your eyes peeled for feature updates soon :eyes:

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Awesome to hear! Regarding our roadmap, you can reach out to our support team via who will be able to share this information (as long as you’re a paying customer - due to confidentiality agreements) :blush: