Welcoming our new features for December

Hey everyone :wave:

We’ve made it to the end of year, (wow!) and it’s time to unpack what was new for the month of December - let’s get straight into it! :tada:

All things UX :eyes:

  1. Introducing our new monday homepage to all users

A number of you all are probably used to seeing the Inbox as your current landing page. Well you’ll be pleased to know, that our monday homepage offers easier, improved navigation and discovery of multiple platform capabilities, including access to templates, the help center -the list goes on!

All things communication :speech_balloon:

  1. (My favourite!) Board notification menu

You asked, and we listened! Finally board owners have the ability to mute notifications for all board members - includes all mentions + automations.

Users can access the feature through the board notification settings, right below the “mute my notification” section (see visuals below). It is visible to all board members, but can only be used by board owners with the right permissions. A board member can still edit their notification preferences for the board, as long as the board owner did not mute it.

Recording 2022-12-23 at 09.54.57 (1)

All things doc related :page_facing_up:

Now in our recent new features Friday post we uncovered a couple of new features associated with our docs, including the new docs column + docs block store: link post.

We’d like to introduce you to another epic feature, the ability to publicly share your doc link.

Here’s how:

  • Click on ‘Share’ button in your doc
  • In the share modal, turn on public sharing and get a unique url
  • The public doc is a view only version only, and will be updated every 30 minutes with the updated content from the original doc
  • Having doubts? you can stop the sharing anytime and the link won’t be reachable anymore
  • Want to share it again but your’e not sure who has this link already? You can regenerate a new link instead!

All things dashboards💡

  1. Individual capacity for teams assigned in workload widget

We will be introducing :two: options -

a) Set up a default for a person, as currently done, and then the capacity for the team will be a multiplication of this default by the number of team members.

b) Customise the capacity per resource - in this case, the user will be able to set a value per person and a different value per team

In terms of Capacity calculation, splitting the effort will be calculated in a unified way among the team, i.e. there won’t be an option to say that one person will have 40% of the effort and the rest will be split evenly for example. If there is a capacity definition for a person who is also part of the team, the individual capacity for the person will be taken under account.

(Drum roll please :drum:) All things mobile :calling:

  1. Keep your eyes peeled for a iOS facelift…providing holiday themed animations for our Splash Screen, Pull to Refresh, Like button, Done statuses, and Navigation logo :tada::christmas_tree:

  1. Dashboard view supported in iOS + Android (Widget 360) :clap:

This feature will allow users to view dashboard views from mobile in a hosted web page (similar to dashboards (from multiple boards) which are supported.

  1. Copy + paste cell content (iOS) :page_facing_up:

You will now be able to copy/paste column values by long tap on an item (iPad + iOS) and using keyboard shortcuts on iPad.

  1. Board views: delete + rename (Android) :iphone:

Today users can create board views on mobile but can’t rename or delete them, creating an incomplete experience. As of NOW, users will be able to rename or delete a board view from Android.

rename board views

  1. My work list view (Android) :white_check_mark:

We welcome a view list view mode showing My Work items as a list.

And there we have it! :smiley: Your new features for December! So, tell us, which one have you been waiting for and why?



Thanks for this recap !
Where can we find the “Share” button in docs ?

Hey! Sorry for my delayed reply, I’ve been OOO! Just to clarify, the share feature is specific to our monday workdocs feature, not documents you have uploaded into the board - apologies for any misunderstandings there!

You should find the share button in the top right hand corner of your doc. Once selected, you should then have the ability to toggle the share functionality on from there.

Screen Shot 2023-01-16 at 10.23.54 am

Just to note - the share feature is not available on free or trial accounts :+1:

Alright, thank you for clarifying :slight_smile:

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