2022 Feature Recap

To our wonderful monday.com community :innocent:

We’ve made it to the end of the year, which means it’s time to celebrate!

Throughout 2022 we released some epic new features :star: So we thought what better way to honour the new year, than to take a trip down memory lane and reminisce on 3 feature releases we believe were most impactful from each month this year! Just to note, we won’t be including our December features, as they have already been posted in our previous December new feature post :eyes:

Let’s dive straight into the features we introduced to you in January 2022 :mag_right:

  • Automation dropdown conditions: The Dropdown Column became a supported column type in our custom automations, offering more sturdy, column-inclusive automations flows, to streamline your work processes.

  • Annotations on PDF’s: This was a big one! The ability to add annotations to PDF files that have been uploaded to your board. A gamer changer for a number of use-cases, whether that be collaborating on creative content, or for those last minute edits and follow-ups.

PDF annotation GIF

  • Export Content Directory: This certainly caught the eye of our Enterprise customers! Finally, admins were able to export directly from their Content directory to CSV, allowing data to be structured, formatted and displayed in formats outside of the monday platform.

So, what did February bring us? :person_shrugging:

  • Upload from camera and gallery to File Column: This one was a favourite! The ability to seamlessly upload files to your mobile app, directly from your camera or gallery… fast, accessible and convenient - talk about the power of technology… :camera:

  • Timeline + Duration combo column: We combined the Numbers Column with the Timeline Column to bring you a more convenient way to adjust and display the duration of your dates. Not only did this support quickly changing timelines and deadlines, it also helped better streamline dependency processes.

timeline + numeric

  • Workdocs version history: With this release, you were given the opportunity to both view the entire editing history of your doc, and the option to restore the doc to older versions - it was time to say goodbye to lost data and unknown doc changes!

Who could forget March?!

  • Workforms: Our new workforms product launch… this made consolidating insights and data so much easier, through automatically collecting requests, feedback, data, and more in one central place. You can read all about it here!

Screen Shot 2022-12-22 at 9.26.06 am

  • Form improvements: Privacy and security is of utmost importance, so we made some necessary adjustments - including security and anti-phishing features, text font and nested conditions, to name a few…

  • Workdoc improvements: Checklists are a popular feature in our workdocs, so the team decided to include indentations within checklists to create a visual hierarchy between checklist items.

April? We’ll re-jog your memory :thinking:

  • Resolve button in annotations: The resolve feature was introduced to clear the comment clutter and better manage those PDF annotations… talk about seamless file proofing!

resolved screenshot

  • Workdoc mention improvements: We supported the ability to display user contact details when hovering over @ mentions on a doc - this way you know exactly who you’re talking to and how to follow up when needed.

  • Phone country code in forms: A small and simple one that pleasured many of form lovers! The country-code now auto-fills in the Phone Column (in a workform) for those submitting the form…magic :sparkles:

And then there was May

  • Email & Activities app improvements: This was long awaited… We enhanced the UX with clearer buttons and a neater look, we also introduced the ability to mention other users in activities for better cross department collaboration - more of the improvements can be found here → https://support.monday.com/hc/en-us/articles/360019213180-Emails-Activities-on-monday-com

  • Signature support in forms: The infamous signature block! With this cool inclusion, form responders were able to provide their signature with ease - there’s no need to sync with 3rd party applications to achieve this!


  • Google Ads app: The app of all apps! The release of the Google Ads App meant it was (so) much easier to broadcast search campaigns and obtain detailed insights on their performance directly within your monday.com account. Didn’t know about? More details here: Google Ad app

June, that mid year ramp up…

  • Improved import from Excel for existing board: We tweaked the Import from Excel to an existing board functionality, and made the process less of a headache for you - we hope! This saw the ability to directly map column data and manage those duplicate items.

  • Team column in user management section: This enhancement meant you could easily add or remove users from a team directly through the user management section.

  • Create new items directly from workdocs: Converting text from your workdoc into board items - who would’ve thought! Simply highlight the text and click “+ item” in the toolbar. Need a recap - check it all out here!

doc create item

July saw a number of upgrades and improvement…

  • Mute board notifications: The new board notifications settings meant that you could choose whether you would only receive notifications for mentions and items assigned to you, or to receive all notifications from any given board. Say goodbye to those unnecessary email and bell notifications :roll_eyes:

mute board notifications

  • Account permissions revamp: The upgrade of account permissions meant that admins of an Enterprise plan could adjust account permissions per…user type! This development completely changed the permissions game, giving different user types greater or less autonomy within the platform depending on the workflow.

  • Board permissions chip: Our little cheeky chip inclusion allowed you to gather some more clarity about permissions set on your board simply by clicking on the new redesigned permissions “chip” at the top of your board.

We’ve made it to August and it definitely delivered in terms of features…

  • monday Sales CRM on mobile: The monday Sales CRM product was finally released on the mobile app! You can read all about it here.

  • Custom backgrounds for workspaces: We gave you the opportunity to upload an image to use as the cover for your workspace allowing teams, departments or even projects to customise their own section- don’t remember? Check it out below:

workspace colour

  • Board permissions updates: Our Board Permissions had a face lift! The upgrade included a summary of the set permissions within a board, which enabled the “Edit by assignee” option to be more robust, and intuitive. This made it so much more clear for users to understand what they can and can’t do within each board.

September brought some interesting changes…

  • Forms are now available on the mobile app: With this update, you were able to view, submit and instantly see who completed forms directly from the mobile app - this saw much greater accessibility across devices for those in and outside of the platform.

  • Salesforce integration quality improvement: This was a major one, we haven’t forgotten! We were aware of the performance issues the Salesforce Integration had encountered, so we made a few tweaks to ensure that the recipes work at a higher success rate - and we’ve seen some serious improvements.

  • New Jira Cloud integration: Jira Cloud integration was released to Beta, helping sync your Jira and monday.com account with less manual labour.

Forgot about October? We’ve got you covered!

  • Ability to filter subitems: How could you forget! We made it easier to drill down that critical data beyond the item level → check the complete rundown, here.

subitem filter

  • Teams management permissions: Enterprise admins were given greater ability to control who can create, manage, edit, and remove teams on an account - all within the account permissions section.

team permissions

  • Burndown chart: Users who purchased our dev product, became aquatinted the burndown chart! The chart was launched to enable better management and monitoring of your sprint’s progression.

November was a fan favourite!

  • Subitem filter on dashboards: You heard it here first! filter by subitems on your dashboard was finally introduced last month, and we just can’t get enough of it (apparently, neither can you!).

  • Share templates on E&A: One for our monday CRM users! The share settings of your email templateswere improved to be customisable directly from the app. We gave you the option to choose whether the template you created would be available only to you, or to have it shared with everyone on your account.

  • Workload Widget settings adjustment: Both your items and subitems (yes, it’s true!) have been supported simultaneously in the widget. This change has resulted in more accurate and detailed resource management - a pinch me moment!

workload widget

We’ve made it to December, lucky last, and you’ve already had the pleasure of viewing our December new features in our previous post. Incase you missed it, you can check the full post here, Welcoming our new features for December :arrow_backward:

And there we have it! Your 2022 feature recap! Incredible? We think so too :face_with_hand_over_mouth: So, tell us, which feature has had the most impact on your workflow?

See you next year for some even bigger and better developments :raised_hands:


2022 was awesome for me.


Thanks for all y’all do! Development is hard work! :raised_hands: :clap:

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Such awesome features!

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