Allow for naming of automation and integration

I would like to be able to name or have any other way to preview the “recipe” I created for my own integrations. Its so difficult to manage these because I can’t tell what I created after it is set up.

Agreed. Naming is crucial to manage lots of these.

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100%- I have a lot of the same automations but for different People so would be nice to group and rename all of these.

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Hi Everyone!

Thanks for sharing your feedback!

Would you like to share some ideas as to how this may be presented for users? Would having the ability to add folders within the board automation/integration window help organize and keep track of different recipes?

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Folders could help, but it doesn’t address that you have to drill down into the recipe to see what you have created. I see a world were we can give it a custom name, apply the automation to multiple board spaces, and duplicate the automations so you can make small changes without having to start from scratch each time. See if this prototype helps explain what I think might work.