Request: Option to create groups for automations/integrations

I am currently using a large number of automations and integrations, and for different purposes.

  • Reminders/notifications
  • item workflow to different groups
  • sending emails
  • request to change item information

As I have a large number of automations and integrations (+40), it would be great to have the option to “group” the different automations, so it becomes easier to get an overview of our Workflow and how the different integrations/automations are set up for specific purposes.

Hi @AlbertP ,

Completely agree with the need for this feature. It appears there is a feature request in the community board that has gained a bit of traction on this topic, I’ll link it below so you can vote and comment.

Hey AlbertB

To streamline your extensive automation and integration setup, we’ll create a centralized dashboard that categorizes and groups your 40+ automations. This will make it easier to manage and get an overview of your workflows. We’ll implement a visual layout that segments automations by function (e.g., reminders/notifications, email sending, item workflow, information requests) to enhance clarity and accessibility.

Using tools like or Zapier, we’ll build a system where each automation group is displayed with its relevant triggers, actions, and integrations. This structured approach will not only improve your workflow visibility but also simplify maintenance and troubleshooting.

Thank you! I just upvoted the post:)