Grouping automations / Creating folders in board automations

Hi! In some automations-heavy boards, the automations are hardly manageable in the current setup. The search bar does not function correctly most of the time and changing multiple automations upon some source data change (e.g. changing some Owner-based automations from a former colleague to a new one) means endless scrolling back and forth, and an elevated error/miss rate.

In such cases (boards with 50+ automations), it would be very cool to be able to group your automations based on whichever logic you want (e.g. automations for city, automations for owners, automations for auto-emails, etc.). In such setup, it would save a ton of time when changing, deleting, or duplicating automations.

Is this feature somewhere on the roadmap? :blush:

Very much needed, at 73 automations on a board. Planning some big changes and without the ability to us OR logic in the automations that means I have to use many automations in order to get the job done. I wouldn’t be surprised if the automation count doubles with this board. That’s going to be a big challenge to manage.


Airtable has the ability to make “Sections” in the automations, same with views, to help with grouping. Jealous

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Bumping this - I have over 70 Automations and trying to organize and QA when something isn’t working is a nightmare


It would be AMAZING to be able to organize and group automations into folders. After about 20 automations it can feel pretty messy and hard to know what you have and haven’t setup yet for each board

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It would be AMAZING to be able to organize and group automations into folders. After about 20 automations it can feel pretty messy and hard to know what you have and haven’t setup yet for each board

Thank you for your feature request! We hear you and recognize there’s demand for this feature. To increase the potential for development, let’s get these votes up! In order to facilitate this, we will be merging this topic into this existing feature request Grouping automations / Creating folders in board automations so that the votes can be combined! All votes and comments will be transferred during the merge. If you did not cast a vote on this topic, please add your vote to the active thread above. Your opinion matters to us! :slight_smile:


I am sitting around 50 automations now and I just continue to add more as I continue learning more about Monday. This is crucial for QA like said above, please for my sanity please do this!!!

The ability to group or add automations to folders would be super beneficial to our team. Even when you have 10-15 automations it begins to get cluttered and hard to identify which automations are related and can increase the time it takes to troubleshoot issues with automations.

I’m up to 113 now and bringing in others to support automation development on the board, much easier if we can group. The search function is also unreliable.

Please add this feature!! Would be so helpful and more efficient if automations could be organized in an way that made auditing them easier. I’m actually having to resort to writing down automations that have been created so I can cross-check manually when duplicating them for other users - so backwards considering the point of is to make project management more efficient.

+1 to the search function being unreliable. Just happened to me where two board user’s names would not populate in the search, despite them having multiple automations!

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Ability to organize automations by Folders + Sub folders on a board to group together all automations.

Once selections in an automation have been made, replace “board” with name of board, “item” with name of item, “sub item” with name of sub item, etc., so we do not need to click on each detail to see what is being automated.

I would love to have the ability to organize my automations using folders or categories. Having some way to organize my automations would allow me to stay on top of everything in one place.

As I build out my board, my automations are becoming more numerous and complex. I’ve found that having to scroll through countless automations is becoming more of a problem when trying to improve current automations and adding new ones.

Even simply being able to sort on the customized description would be helpful. I could name it so that it groups appropriately as I need it. Right now, it’s a nightmare to manage.

With the recent merger of integrations and automations, this feature is increasingly necessary.

As the number of automations on our boards increases, its becoming harder to keep track of what we have. I would like to organize automations into groups based on what they do, similar to a folder structure.

Were also in dire need of a way to organise automations. Currently its a mess and the structure of automations is very difficult to interpret if you didnt design the board yourself.

I think this is an essential addition as it is good practice to group automations or code together to enable ease of analisys of impact when changing automations. To be honest, as a realtively new user, I’m surprised this functionallity doesn’t already exist.


As the rest of Monday is getting more ways to organize, the lack of it in the automations center is glaring. Our workflow consists of 100+ automation for each project, so it would be ideal to be able to group or folder certain automations to help easily navigate