Organization Methods for Automate Area

In the section to add automations, there isn’t any way to move or rename automations, or create folders to group similar automations. Some boards of mine have 30+ automations set up, and it’s nearly impossible to find which one needs revisions.

My use case would be making an automation named “Step 1 - New Lead” which would contain several steps at once and allow me to sort the steps in order. Currently it’s a giant disorganized list of single steps because I can never find the existing automation for that step to add to when I decide to add other automations.

The other use case for folders would be to create an archive folder, or other useful groups of automations. I’m trying to set up an automated email process to send different emails based on different conditions, but they’re currently scattered in between other automations. Being able to make an “Automated Emails” folder to hold all the email automations named “Initial Email” or “Follow up Email #1” would make it much easier to update the content of the emails without having to look through a giant list.

If you use more complex automations, please reply and upvote this request. Tagging @lauralev for a prior reply on this in 2019. If others know which Monday staff are coordinating feedback on automations, please tag them as well in a reply.

Anyone who works with automations feels the pain of the current lack of organization capabilities once you get above a relatively small number. Automations are such a powerful part of the Monday platform but their use is severely hampered without the ability to work with them in an organized way. If you are trying to design a complex automated workflow, it becomes impossible to keep track and follow an iterative design and development process. Basic organization functionality is needed to allow the full potential for automations.

Requested organizational functions:

  • Automation names
  • Groups / folders with names
  • Flag (e.g., with a development status)
  • Ability to manually position / order within a list
  • Filter by name / type / flag etc.

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Some others who have posted support for this in the past: @mkingsland @alejencia @Krishele @JohnW @kswiss50 @NickNourishandSow

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All of this would be a huge benefit!

Some of my boards have over 30 automations ; I’d like to be able to group them, as well as rename some. For example, I have 10 automations that create subitems, but I don’t know which automation is which subitem creation.