Order of automations on a board

would it be possible to group the automations in the overview window by dragging them or changing their order?
I have a lot on one board and they are now in order of adding them, which makes it hard to check which automations belong together.
Also I am not sure if the order can cause a conflict or if this is sorted in the background.
automation 1 ‘when status a changes move pulse to another board’ and followed by automation 2 ‘when status a changes - set the date in column x’

so it would be nice to change the order around so the automation makes more sense
many thanks


Hi @Anja! Great questions here. Our automations team is working hard to add more functionality to the automations store including the ability to prioritize automations and change ownership. Changing ownership is our first tackle and then we will move onto other ways to optimize automations in general on your boards. Stay tuned for these developments coming soon! Cheers!


Would also love to have control the order in which automations are run…or have Monday automatically sort them depending on the type (e.g. move to a new board as the last automation executed). Noticed that some automatins fail to run properly because of this.

Thunderbird is actually a good example of an application with this type of system working correctly. It allows you to have filters listed in any order but executes them in a certain order and shows you order as well.



Hi @lauraglev. If changing ownership is the first tackle where does dynamic (build-your-own) automations fall in the roadmap? From other topics I thought this was the next priority with automations.

I think a lot of people seem to be finding that updates made prior to ‘move item to board’ automations are hit and miss because it’s not always the last automation to run. The ideal scenario is automation ordering, but in the short term If you could add a default pause just on board move automations so they are ALWAYS the last automation to run you’ll solve a big issue. At the moment I populate a date field then move a pulse, I also have the automation in the next board too as a fallback which support recommended but even then it’s still hit and miss. Super frustrating.

Hi @Krishele! Great question - it is our first tackle in terms of managing automations as a whole not specific recipes. Dynamic recipes is also up there on our roadmap as well. Stay tuned for all the developments to come!

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All that would be needed to fix this i’d imagine would be a ‘When status changes to x, move to item to board, after x days’ automation… You can do it with a group move already but just need the same with a board move.07%20AM

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