Order of automations on a board

Custom notifications with merge fields are sort of useless when the notification is being fired off before all of the item data has been added to the board (if the item is created from another automation). My notifications include blank fields that add no value.

I can’t think of a workaround aside from a generic “A new item has been created” message.

Is there any update on this? I would love the ability to rearrange automations, and the active workflows maybe folders or something so I’m not shifting through 40-80 automations on a board to trouble shoot items?

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Hi! I’d like to be able to rearrange the automations in each board in the board automation view.

Sometimes I create an automation that’s near the end of the workflow before creating one at the beginning of the workflow and would like to rearrange them so that I can see the automation workflow in its entirety and be sure I’m not missing anything.



I think I understand your recommendation … does your recommendation include arranging / filtering automations? For example, I have 37 automations in this board and Find it difficult to see if I have an automation as I scroll up and down looking for it. Hope that your recommendation means to be able to arrange / filter this screen. If NOT I’d like to expand your recommendation to having a feature that does that :wink:


Yes! I was asking about arranging in particular, but filtering is a great addition!!


Hi there! Thanks so much for writing a post about this. We are working on more functionalities in the automations store and I’ve forwarded your request onto our design team to take a look. Stay tuned for some changes… :slight_smile: If you have any other thoughts - feel free to continue sharing!


I also would suggest the ability to name each automation. This way when you have many of them (and frequently they appear identical), you don’t have to click in each one to see what that automation is. If they could be named (labeled) such as “Client x automation to…” it would be a huge time saver and make the identification of each automation easier.


Love this suggestion!! I’ve ended up with similar pulses being created because I had two reoccurring automations for the same task. :see_no_evil:


Yes it s a good idea, i propose a same view as mindmap.


Would be a very useful option! A definite necessity in the future…managing integrations and automation’s takes a lot of time if you cannot organize them, move them and sort them.


I second this, I would really appreciate the ability to name automations for better organization. As I have tried to champion the use of automations within my team, one of the obstacles is that they can become disorganized quickly without the ability to name them, and this actually discourages people from using the feature.


Don, good point. Too many automations without being able to sort or name them causes confusion and a big waste of time trying to figure out which is which.

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Thanks for the great announced progress in this area today!!! @lauralev

The below agree and give some added context to this idea -

  • The amazing way that searches work on boards would be helpful in the automations window
  • Sorting would put all automations that are named similarly in groups, and even organize the columns named in them as well
  • Filtering would be ultimate (just like on the board)
  • Naming would be a nice to have at that point, but I would suggest naming is a tag or metadata field on the automation, not changing the way it appears on the screen. I rather like seeing the full automation (except notification details) right in front of me and wouldn’t want renaming to cover up that good info.
    -moving/copying automations from board to board is the biggest need though @lauralev!!! When we optimize our process - having to rebuild an automation on each board that is already live is just another manual step that burdens us (like adding a column to every board, updating column settings or permissions on every board… etc etc). I think this functionality is critical to increased adoption from all customers :slight_smile:

@mkingsland I’m looking for the same added feature, integrations too! Thanks for bringing it up. There should be a way to drag and drop, similar to a pulse, to rearrange the order in the view.


This would be a really welcome feature. Has it been implemented already? - this thread hasn’t been updated for a while…

It would be amazing if this added to monday.com functionality. Some of our boards are really advanced and we need good visibility of the automations so that we can understand the functionality of the board. The boards can be hard to understand as it is.


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It would be incredibly useful. I go cross eyed trying to read through my automations and relate them to each other. I’d like to add another feature request that if you write a duplicate of an automation you already have on a board it will tell you. I find I sometimes forget I already covered something and I write it again. partly because you can’t order the automations in a logical sequence to review your overall construction

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I would really appreciate if you allow users to manage automations in any given board, lets say sort by type, a-z, z-a, date, on/off, or arbitrary named groups in order to make easier to navigate through what may become 10s or 100s of automations rules.


The ability to move automations into step by step order would be incredibly helpful. I’m currently using the “+ Add description” field to include the step number and/or a brief description, but when the board becomes more complex, and the automations order the most currently edited item to the top, it gets messy quickly. I’ve literally copied and pasted the automations into Word, cut them apart, and put them in order manually to check layouts. I’ve even typed everything into Excel and moved the rows as needed. It’s needlessly time consuming, but for me it’s the only way to easily walk through the automation flow.


A way to organize automations would be incredible ! Just a way to find automations easier when there is over 30 automations in some of our boards.
It could be in the form of a simple folder that you can unfold, nothing over the top. Also, the description which can be added to automations should have more space since a short sentence doesn’t fit.