Order of automations on a board

Is this ever going to done? I have 52 automations on one board and REALLY need to be able to order them as I need, not just as they were built or updated.
Thank you!


I would love a feature to custom-order automations. I imagine having them auto-sort in order of execution would be difficult since every board flow is different, but it would be extremely helpful if we could custom arrange them to make it easy to follow which automations are in order and change/update them when necessary.

This feature is still in need from our side also. It is really annoying that automations trigger unreliably or interfere with one another because of the random order in which they are executed.
Despite automations having evolved quite a bit there are still cases where I cannot put the entire process in one automation because I cannot define “OR”-triggers.

For example I have an automation that replaces a person when a status changes and another automation that adds another person under certain conditions. The conditions differ, so I cannot put them in the same automation.
Now when the automation to replace is executed last the person that should have been added in the second step will be replaced as well. But I need the first person from the first automation to replace whoever is assigned prior to the two automations. Meaning I cannot simply have both persons added. Only the second one.


I have only three automations on my board. The random nature of the firing order and triggers causes complete chaos. Coupled with weakest set of dependencies integration ever, I’m seriously considering moving back to using spreadsheets.
How are all these issues open for years?

Hi Rosco,

If I understand your issue correctly, you need your automations to run in the same order consistently. One way to ensure this, would be adding an extra status column, and then adding an “…and only if is ”. Then make sure that this status is changed to the next step at the end of the automation.
For the next automation it could trigger on this status column change (for steps) and also check if your other condition is met.

Hope this helps!

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Yes, this is a big issue for me as well. I need to execute automations in a particular order. It’s not prioritizing my automations in a sensible way, which is causing some issues with notifications and moving items around between groups.

Do we foresee this happening any time soon? This thread is quite old.

SO… It’s been about 4 YEARS now.
Why is not one from Monday team updating us about it?
There are too many users frustrated from this for many years now… pelase talk to us.

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Yes! Please we want this!!

Super keen to see this happen as well - pretty please can we get an update on this?!

@ArianeLW I know I read something recently about this problem ‘going away’. I think it has something to do with MondayDB, but I can’t recall the exact details. Whatever I read described why the issue occurs … a lag between one system and another in the old architecture, and it’s not exactly being fixed per se, but it will just no longer occur. But I just searched around and I can’t find it anywhere. Maybe @BiancaT knows where that announcement is I’m referring to?

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The new workflow builder allows strict sequencing of multiple automations.

This is currently now in “beta” not alpha. It allows you to create multiple independent workflows, with strict decision and sequence trees.

Hi Cody,

The new workflow is getting better and better. For me it does not support app actions blocks (apps that publishes the action). Do you know if that is in the making? Until that is not supported I would not recommend our customers to use the new workflow.

Yes, if users have need of integrations and third-party app automations, then workflow builder doesn’t support those today. I do not have anything I can share (I don’t work for monday) with details beyond I would expect its going to come eventually.

But if someone has a workflow that is doable with just built-in automations, then its starting to be usable.

I was more sharing the existence in response to this thread so people know that no, monday.com isn’t just ignoring this request but is actively working on the solution and has it in beta.

Thanks for this! Unfortunately I still dont have workflows activated on my account by I shall wait patiently :slight_smile:

If you really want it, reach out to support@monday.com and ask nicely. I can’t promise any results (I don’t work for monday.com) but it isn’t impossible it might help either.

Why doesn’t Monday have automation ordering? Maybe I should cancel my company’s subscription.

As mentioned above, its coming, and in beta.

Will we be able to see the list automations in a particular constant order in the UI as well? This is highly annoying that the list of automations is constantly changing. Since automations are obviously better than pretty weak workflows, the custom order would be very useful.

It is a strict graph of trigger, conditions, and actions in a view. Each workflow has its own view akin to a board - it exists outside of a single board because now the workflows can CROSS boards. Each workflow is defined as a condition/action graph. So you now have condition is true, and actions, and condition is false - a different set of actions being possible.

So yes, everything is now self contained for one workflow without clutter from anything else.

Just beware that it may be a paid/enterprise feature once release. I wouldn’t dream too hard on it if you’re not on at least a pro account.

Yeah! That would be awsome… To be able to group and/or drag them to rearrange.

Hope it get implemented. :pray:t4: