Re ordering automations in a board (Prioritizing Automations)

Hi, we really need the option to change the order in which the automation are running.
Is masses up our data and it’s so frustrating.
I’ve found another discussion about this issue from 2019 where a team member said it’s in the work of the automation’s team and we will be updated.
But it has’nt been updated since that year from a Monday team member and there are so many people on that discussion that are frustrated from this issue.
So I want to bring it to life again with this fresh discussion… Please hear us out :slight_smile:

Hi Itali.
Monday is working on a new feature called “Monday Workkflows” .
The goal is to have a more visual way to look at all the automations of a board and to be able to have a hierarchy on all automations. So le’ts be patient …
Have a good day