Automation Order

Is there any way to choose which order the automations trigger? I have over 30 automations that need to trigger in a certain order before moving the pulse to a different board.

Hi @GrantDC - sadly no. At this time there is no way to order the trigger of automations on a board. This has been brought forward to monday as a feature request in the past.


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While there is no way to force Monday automations to go in a certain order, I can think of two possible workarounds.

  1. Add in a Status column that controls the start of automations. Build the changing of this status column into your automations so its the final step, which in turn activates the next automation.
    -Your first automation would start this chain, and then the next automation would change the status to the next step, starting the next automation and so on and so on.

  2. Utilize Integromat or Zapier. You can replicate most automations within those apps and you could easily build a 30 automation scenario that runs everything in order. This method gives you a lot more control over everything, conditional options and can integrate other applications. The downside is learning how to set it up if you haven’t already and/or dealing with error handlers as 30 scenarios is a lot of room for something to mess up.

If you need help setting up either of these options feel free to reach out.