Ability to reorder automations recipes

I’d like to be able to move the automations around to view in a sequential order. It will make it much easier to confirm my processes are correct. I use a number now and then take a screen shot and align in PPT, which is very time consuming. I have quite a few boards that have more than 20 automations. A new board I’m working on will have upwards of 50.

I have a bunch of automatons that all happen at the same time. Would be nice to be able to reorder them so that they came out properly. Right now they are in the opposite order because I copied them from top to bottom.

Again, just a drag-drop to reorder the automations to organize them properly.

Fellow Zach here - I completely agree, some sort of organization of automations would be much appreciated.

The good news is you can at least search these with Control + F + F (or command on Mac).

That’s not even a monday.com feature you can search anything with control+f

Cant even set like 7:01am 7:02am to fix it I literally have to remake all the automatons. Pretty ridiculous that this isn’t already a feature.

Automations are a key feature and highlight for the monday.com platform. However, it’s limited by the subscription level. If this is as important as monday.com says it is, then either 1) the limits should apply to the number of automation recipes…not the actions or 2) significantly increase the automation action limits per subscription level to allow this benefit to workflow execution a true feature of the platform. In my case, I have many items that need to progress through a workflow which is made significantly easier through the application of automation. Many items have up to 30 actions each.

It would be great if we could simply re-order and organize automations on a board to make more logical sense as a flow. I don’t mean the ability to have automation 1 happen before automation 2, I simply mean being able to drag and re-order them so they appear in a logical flow, especially when we get 10+ automations, it can be confusing to have to search for and remember where certain automations reside. Being able to re-organize them into a logical flow would help with this.